Replacing a Toilet Seat

Although it might not be as important as the tank or the bowl, the toilet seat is where you spend the most time. So it makes sense that a broken or uncomfortable toilet seat should be replaced as soon as possible.

Toilet seats come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and heights. If you have a toddler, for example, you can replace the toilet seat with one especially built for toilet trainees. The elderly would benefit from a padded toilet seat, both for its comfort, but also for the safety feature of having one less hard surface in the bathroom.

Even if you don’t know which way to hold a wrench, you can replace a toilet seat easily enough.

If you need tips on removing an old toilet check this article here, and if you are having problems with some of the other common issues with the toilet I have covered several ones here as well.

Cushioned Toilet Seat

A cushioned toilet seat provides a plush and comfortable surface for those who find normal toilet seats too uncomfortable. These seats have a standard hard shell on the underside, but the top is padded with cushioning held in place with a vinyl or plastic cover.

There are a number of advantages to using a cushioned toilet seat. For one, they’re much warmer than conventional toilet seats. How many times have you been rudely awakened in the morning after sitting on an ice cold toilet seat? The padding in these seats absorbs the warm air in your bathroom. It also provides another surface between your bottom and the toilet set.

Both young and old also enjoy the benefits of cushioned toilet seats. For many of the elderly, going to the bathroom on the toilet can be an unpleasant experience. The warmth and softness of a cushioned toilet seat can help alleviate some of that anxiety. As with the elderly, toddlers being toilet trained find these types of seats much more comfortable, making toilet training that much easier.

Last, but not least, is the variety of styles available in padded toilet seats. From your children’s favorite cartoon characters, to just that right shade of green you were looking for, you’re bound to find just the right cushioned toilet seat to fit in with your bathroom decor.

There are a number of styles and selections to choose from, depending on your needs. Shop around, both online and at your favorite hardware or plumbing store to see available choices. Some seats can be purchased with fold down padded arms, a plus for older users.

Remove the Old Seat

Toilet seats are anchored to the bowl by two bolts located towards the rear and underneath the bowl rim. Because of the moisture laden nature of the bathroom, metal bolts can rust and be quite difficult to remove. Spray metal bolts with a penetrating lubricant and allow this to soak in for several minutes before attempting to remove the bolts on the toilet seat. Use a wrench to turn the nuts counterclockwise and loosen them from the seat bolts.

If the bolts prove too stubborn, use a hacksaw or rotary cutting tool with a metal cutting blade to saw off the nuts and ends of the bolts.

Once the bolts are free, remove the old toilet seat and set aside.

Cleanliness is Important

Take this opportunity to give the toilet bowl a good cleaning. Bacteria and other germs like to hide in moist, dark places, such as underneath toilet hinges. Use a cleaner that is safe for the toilet and a stiff brustled nylon brush to give the toilet bowl a good rub.

Installing the Toilet Seat Replacement

Unwrap the new toilet seat and check to see that all the parts are there. Newer toilet seats come with plastic bolts that slide into a clip on the underside of the bowl hinge. This allows the user to place the bolts exactly where needed and can serve a wide variety of bowl widths. Clip the bolts into place if needed. Hold the seat over the bowl and align it so the bolts slip into the holes at the back of the bowl. Tighten the nuts into place on the underside of the bowl hand tight. Open and close the replacement toilet seat several times to ensure that it is positioned correctly. Once everything is set, tighten the nuts on the underside with a wrench.