Removing an Old Bathroom Faucet

What might have been stylish back in the 1970s might not look so good today. That’s ok, because it’s not difficult to remove an old bathroom faucet so that you can replace it with a new one.

You don’t need any special tools, and the process can be completed in under an hour, even for a newbie DIYer. As with just about any other plumbing project, the most important part of this process is to ensure that you have the water supply turned off before you begin work.

Turn Off the Water Supply

See? We told you this is important. That’s why it’s the first step. Look underneath the old bathroom faucet you will be removing. You should see two water supply pipes or hoses leading to a pair of supply knobs mounted on the wall or floor underneath the sink. Rotate these knobs to the right. This will shut off the water.

Disconnect the Stopper

Some old bathroom faucets may be connected to the drain stopper in the sink below. This needs to be disconnected before you can remove the old bathroom faucet. Underneath the sink, there will be a vertical rod leading from the faucet above connected to a horizontal rod running to the drain pipe. Where these two meet will be a spring clip or wing nut holding them together. Remove the clip or nut and pull the handle out in the faucet above to get it out of your way.

Remove the Water Supply Hoses/Tubes

Take a pair of pliers and loosen the connection where the top of the supply hose or tube connects to the underside of the old faucet.

Loosen the Faucet

Now use the pliers to loosen the plastic wing nuts holding the faucet in place on the counter above. These may be difficult to remove, especially on old bathroom faucets. Spray liberally with penetrating lubricant before unscrewing. If that still doesn’t work, you can cut away the plastic with a rotary tool.

Removing the Old Faucet From the Counter

Use a sharp knife, such as a utility knife, to cut any caulk at the base of the old bathroom faucet. Take care not to cut the surface of the countertop as you do so. Once the caulk has been cut, gently rock the faucet back and forth to loosen it from the counter.

Removing an old bathroom faucet isn’t as challenging as it sounds. Once you’ve got the procedure under your belt, you’ll be able to remove old bathroom faucets in just a few minutes. Just get ready to repeat the process in another twenty years for when styles change again.