Best Laptop Cooling Pads In 2022

19 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2022

The compact size of laptops makes them highly portable, but with tight confines comes the downside of smaller fans. 

Unless you own a gaming laptop with robust fans, the chances are that you’re familiar with laptops overheating due to poor ventilation or running heavy-duty tasks. 

If you wish to improve performance, it is time to invest in a laptop cooling pad. A laptop cooling pad is a cheaper way to boost the performance of your device by saving it from overheating.

A laptop cooling pad is a cheap, easy way to prevent your laptop from getting too hot and potentially overheating. Not only does it help keep your laptop healthy for much longer, but it also improves the performance of your device.  A laptop cooling pad draws heat away from the bottom of your device and disperses it through metal tubes in order to give both you and your computer some relief.

Moreover, if your gaming laptop has insufficient cooling, it may cause irreparable battery damage. 

To avoid such problems, it is essential to buy a laptop cooling pad. Here are some recommendations with extensive reviews to help you pick a suitable cooling pad for your laptop.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads for Gaming

There is an array of laptop cooling pads available on the market. Each cooling pad has different aspects to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a cooling pad for gaming laptops, here are some of the best recommendations. 

1. TopMate C5 Cooling pad for a gaming laptop

TopMate C5 Cooling pad for a gaming laptop

TopMate C5 cooling pad is specifically designed for gaming laptops. This cooling pad is ideal for laptops measuring 12 to 16 inches screen diagonal. 

TopMate’s C5 has five cooling fans for better ventilation. The fans come with multiple modes and speeds. In addition, this cooling pad features one large central fan and four outer fans, which deliver efficient cooling power to your laptop. 

C5 is constructed from a combination of metal and plastic mesh. Thus it is resistant and sturdy. Here are the key features of this cooling pad. 

High-Speed Fans

The five fans of C5 work together to dissipate heat quickly. In addition, the cooling pad features a large central super strong wind fan which prevents your laptop router, Xbox, and PS4 from overheating. 

The fans come with different fan speeds. Therefore, you can change the fan speed according to your requirement. 

Ergonomic Design

C5 has an ergonomic design that allows you to position your laptop according to your comfort. For example, adjustable tilting allows you to raise your view. 

Due to the five height adjustments, you can position it to enhance your typing experience and effectively relieve neck and back pain.

In addition, since C5 has a non-slip baffle, your laptop will not slip towards you, no matter how you position it. This feature proves extremely useful for high-powered gaming laptops as you do not have to change the position for sufficient cooling. 

Switch Control

TopMate’s cooling pad for a gaming laptop comes with a small LCD screen that displays various wind speeds. In addition, it has a control panel with buttons that allow you to switch to different modes. This control panel offers six wind speeds and three fan modes. 


C5’s portability makes it an excellent cooling pad. You can take your laptop anywhere without worrying about overheating. For example, if you attend gaming competitions, this laptop cooling pad will prove highly beneficial as you can easily carry it with you.

C5 only weighs about 2.2 pounds but provides sufficient and uniform airflow to your high-powered gaming laptop.

2. AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad 

If you want to use a reliable and efficient cooling pad, Aicheson laptop cooler is just what you need. It is a highly portable laptop cooling pad made for gaming laptops. The design is suitable for laptops measuring 15.6 to 17.3 inches. 

It features five fans positioned nicely in a wave metal mesh. The design also has four adjustable height settings. Let us learn about more features that make it suitable for gaming laptops.

High-Quality Silicone Grip

The base of the cooling pad has a high-quality silicone grip which prevents your laptop from sliding off when you keep it in an elevated position. 

This feature is important when it comes to gaming laptops. They are expensive; hence you can’t risk sliding them off your gaming table. 

Five fans for faster cooling 

The Aicheson laptop cooling pad has about five fans for sufficient cooling. It has a large central fan with two smaller fans, one on each side for uniform cooling. The fans have adjustable speeds. 

Switch for Fans

You can control the fans via a switch. It also controls the lights. You can also adjust the brightness of the LEDs through this switch. 

USB Port

This cooling pad for gaming laptops comes with a USB port. The USB to USB cord allows you to connect your gaming laptop to the cooling pad for power. 

3. Havit HV-F2056

Havit HV-F2056

Havit HV F2056 is the perfect laptop cooling pad for gaming enthusiasts. If your heavy-duty gaming laptop is overheating because of running games or programming, Havit HV is the best choice.

It is a highly portable cooling pad, weighing only about 1.54 pounds. Although it is a compact cooling pad, it effectively provides sufficient cooling to your laptop, keeping the device chill for as long as you run it. 

Havit HV has an ultra-slim design with three fans that light up blue by LEDs. In addition, it comes with a stable surface with USB ports. Here are some key features of this laptop cooling pad. 


One primary feature of a laptop that adds to our convenience is its portability. Therefore, when you purchase a cooling pad, you have to ensure that it is portable. 

Buying a heavy laptop cooling pad will do you no good as you can’t carry it with you. 

This is where Havit HV becomes useful due to its portability. Since it only weighs a little over a pound, you can easily carry it with you.

Powerful Fans

Havit HV features three powerful fans that deliver 65 CFM of airflow to your laptop. 

The evenly distributed cooling helps your device stay cool even when you run heavy games on it. The processor does not overheat, boosting the performance of your laptop. 

Minimal Noise Generation 

When we talk about powerful fans, the first thing that comes to mind is the fan noise. Don’t worry! Fan noise is not a concern when it comes to Havit HV due to its minimal noise generation. 


You might be concerned about the durability of a highly portable and lightweight laptop cooler. However, Havit HV gives you peace of mind with its metal mesh and sturdy base. It is also wear-resistant and keeps your laptop stable. 

4. Thermaltake Massive Notebook Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive Notebook Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive Notebook Cooling Pad is designed to enrich your gaming experience by boosting the performance of your gaming laptop.

With its sleek design, it not only adds a futuristic touch to your device but also helps keep it cool when you run heavy-duty games on it. 

This lightweight cooling pad has gained popularity amongst gamers due to its ergonomic features such as temperature sensors and ultra-high fan speed. Let us discuss the features in detail.

Thermaltake’s Temperature Sensor

This gaming laptop cooling pad incorporates a temperature sensor which is a next-generation feature in cooling pads. This temperature sensor is adjustable.

Thus, it regulates the fan speed according to the heat points. As a result, this cooling pad delivers exceptional thermal performance.  

Extreme Ventilation

The thermal sensor isn’t the only impressive feature of this gaming laptop cooling pad. It comes with dual 120 mm temperature-regulated fans.

These fans allow manual and automatic adjustment of fan speeds. Moreover, the hexagon-shaped mesh ensures optimal airflow.

Digitally Controlled Functions 

Thermaltake’s massive notebook cooling pad has a display control panel that allows you to control functions digitally. The multi-function display panel also includes a lock button with fan control.

Comfortable to Use

This cooling pad is slim and lightweight, so it does not disturb your regular laptop angle. You can position your laptop however you want without the cooling pad interfering with the angles. 

It offers comfortable viewing angles along with a good resting hand position for gaming.

5. i-Star Laptop Cooling Pad 

i-Star Laptop Cooling Pad 

The i-Star laptop cooling pad is suitable for gaming laptops because it features five high-quality fans with different cooling modes. In addition, this uniquely designed cooling pad has a futuristic look with a neat steel mesh surface.

This steel mesh surface also helps with better ventilation. But, first, let us look into the features of this cooling pad. 

Ultra-Quiet Fans with LEDs

Some laptops automatically turn on built-in fans when they get overheated. Unfortunately, these built-in fans often make noise. 

This is why many people think that with more fans comes more noise. However, this is not the case with an i-Star cooling pad.

It has five powerful fans, which provide uniform cooling to your device. These fans come with variable speed control. As a result, they generate minimum sound even when you run all five fans. The fans are back-lit with LEDs which add a cool look to your laptop set up.

Three Cooling Modes

This laptop cooler comes with three cooling modes. In addition, there are two scroll wheels present on the side of the laptop cooling pad. Using this scroll wheel, you can control the cooling modes. 

You can switch between laptop fan configurations depending on your device’s required cooling.

For example, you can choose a more energy-efficient two-fan mode or a full five-fan mode depending on the requirement. You can also switch to the three-fan mode for uniform middle-range cooling. 

Extra USB Ports

i-Star Laptop Cooling Pad comes with extra USB ports for more connectivity options. It has two USB ports to connect to other devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or headphones. You can also power the laptop stand with the fan through any laptop USB port.

Adjustable Height 

This laptop cooling pad offers up to seven different height settings for adjustment. As a result, you can find a viewing angle that suits you best.

Moreover, this cooling pad is compatible with all laptops, with screen sizes measuring around 17.3 inches. 

Best Laptop Cooling Pads for Lap Use

Most of the laptop cooling pads are designed for desks. Therefore, it is challenging to find a laptop cooler for lap use. However, with our recommendations, you’re sure to find something for yourself!

Thus, if you wish to use your laptop for an extended period without experiencing leg discomfort, here are some great recommendations for laptop cooling pads for lap use. 

6. Targus Chill Mat

Targus Chill Mat

If you wish to combat the rising temperature of your laptop, Targus Chill Mat is a great buy. It is an affordable option for people who wish to continue using their laptops placed in their laps without getting toasted legs.

Targus Chill Mat provides expansion capabilities as it allows you to connect many other peripherals. 

Designed like a laptop dock, this laptop cooling pad works efficiently to provide uniform cooling to your device.

This cooling pad also has a neoprene covering, making it extremely suitable to use on your lap. Added comfort and versatility are the primary features of this laptop cooler. Let us also discuss some other key features of this laptop cooling pad.

USB Ports

The Targus Chill Mat has a four-port USB hub with two USB ports. The USB hub allows a standard USB connection to power the fans. In addition, you can use a mini cable to connect the fans to your laptop via USB ports. 

Sleek Design 

Targus Chill Mat is a well-constructed cooling pad. It is extremely slim. Thus you can place it on your lap for extended periods and work without worrying about your laptop overheating. 

Four Different Height Levels 

This laptop cooling pad offers four different height angles. So you can adjust it according to your comfort. Moreover, it has a lower ledge to keep your laptop in place. 

Dual Fans

The maker does not specify the size of the fans, but these dual fans can run at 2500 RPM, providing uniform cooling to your device. So if you wish to say goodbye to a heated laptop, it is time to invest in Targus Chill Mat. 

7. Gear Head Laptop Cooling Wedge 

Gear Head Laptop Cooling Wedge 

Gear Head Laptop Cooling Wedge is an extremely lightweight cooling pad for lap use. This cooling pad does not come with extensive features, but it has a minimal design that promises comfort and versatility. 

When you look for laptop cooling pads for lap use, comfort is your priority. This means that you have to look for a lightweight cooling pad that offers features such as height adjustment. First, however, you shouldn’t forget about the primary purpose of a cooling pad.

With great cooling capabilities, Gear Head Cooling Wedge proves to be an excellent buy. It is not only affordable but also highly efficient. Here are some features of this cooling pad

Whisper-Quiet Fan Technology 

With fast-speed fans and excellent ventilation comes the concern of fan noise. Gear Head Cooling Wedge has a whisper-quiet fan technology that makes it a noise-free laptop cooling pad.

Even when your laptop is overheated, and the fans generate maximum airflow, you will notice that this cooling pad generates minimum fan noise.

Provides Sufficient Cooling

Gear Head Laptop Cooling Wedge provides 22 CFM of airflow. It is sufficient cooling for any devices that run heavy tasks. For example, if your laptop heats up from programming, Gear Head will resolve this issue immediately. 

Neoprene Wrap

Another noticeable feature of this laptop cooler is the neoprene wrap. If you’re looking for comfortable laptop cooling pads, neoprene wrap is a vital feature you should look for.

In addition, neoprene wraps provide added comfort for lap use. Thus, the Gear Head cooling wedge will sit comfortably on your lap.

Height Adjustment

This wedge also comes with height adjusting features. If you wish to place your laptop on a desk every once in a while, this versatile cooling pad is just what you need! 

8. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB laptop cooling pad is designed to combat the rising temperature of your device even when you run it at its full capacity. Features such as temperature sensors and powerful fans help achieve this goal. 

This laptop cooling pad is highly suitable for both lap and desk use as it is lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, it supports laptops that measure about 19 inches.

Thus, it is compatible with a lot of laptops. Here are some of the best features that this cooling pad has to offer. 

Automatic Heat Management Feature

One of the most futuristic features of cooling pads is their automatic heat management. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB takes it a step ahead, being a smart laptop cooler with about four temperature sensors.

These sensors are extremely sensitive to heat; thus, they allow the fans to work at the right moment, saving your laptop from overheating. 

All you have to do is set up maximum heat for the sensor. When your laptop reaches this heat, the fans will automatically turn on to provide sufficient cooling to your device. This way, you can be carefree about the rising temperature of your laptop when you place it in your lap. 

Set Light and Fan Speed

Another modern feature that this cooling pad offers is setting up the light and fan speeds. Thermaltake’s massive 20 RGB cooling pad has a built-in control panel with various controls.

For example, it offers light mode buttons, color mode buttons, and a fan speed knob. These allow you to control the lights and fans according to your preferences. 

Optimal Airflow

The Thermaltake Massive RGB cooling pad offers maximum cooling utilizing a powerful silent fan. This cooling pad has a steel surface integrated with a 200 mm fan that provides excellent airflow to bring down the temperature of your device. 

Ergonomic Comfort 

This laptop cooling pad is suitable for lap use because of its ergonomic comfort. However, if you work by placing your laptop on your lap, you may experience neck aches and backache.

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB cooling pad provides you with three adjustable settings for height to combat this issue. Thus, you can set it at a suitable angle for maximum comfort.

9. TopMate C302 Laptop Cooling Pad 

TopMate C302 Laptop Cooling Pad 

TopMate’s C302 Laptop Cooling Pad is a perfect choice if you want to purchase a cooling pad for lap use. This impressively slim and creatively designed cooling pad ensures that your laptop does not overheat when you place it on your lap. 

Some of the laptops have poor ventilation when you place them on the lap. This is because their metal mesh gets blocked. As a result, the airflow gets disturbed.

TopMate designed this cooling pad with two fans powered by a 1300 RPM motor to combat the issue of poor ventilation. Here are more details about the key features of this cooling pad. 

Large Quiet Fans for Supreme Ventilation

TopMate’s C302 features two 4.94 inch quiet fans. They dissipate maximum heat by generating minimum fan noise. As a result, you can work in peace without getting disturbed by the sound of the fans.

Extra USB Port

This cooling pad has a USB composite power interface. One of the ports is used to power your laptop, while the other USB port is used for peripherals. This way, TopMate’s C302 offers connectivity expansion.

Non-Slip Baffle

The laptop cooling pad features a hinged flap that keeps your laptop from slipping towards you. In addition, this hinge provides extra stability to your laptop, making it easier for you to work by placing it on your lap. 

Large Metal Mesh

C302 has a durable metal mesh that supports the weight of your laptop. You can even place heavy-duty laptops on this cooling pad without worrying about the weight crushing your legs. Moreover, the metal mesh promotes ventilation by enhancing heat dissipation. 

10. FLAGTOP Laptop Fan Cooling Pad

FLAGTOP Laptop Fan Cooling Pad

FLAGTOP Laptop Fan Cooling Pad is a height-adjustable laptop pad for bringing down the temperature of your device. When you place your device in your lap, the vents get blocked. As a result, your laptop heats up more. 

To combat this issue, Flagtop’s cooling pad provides you with adjustable height options that do not block your device’s ventilation. It also provides extra airflow to cool your laptop. You can read below to learn about the many features this cooling pad has to offer.

Two Big Fans

This cooling pad comes with two large fans spinning at 1400 RPM, providing sufficient cooling to your device, preventing overheating. The fans are large, but they do not add to the weight of the cooling pad. Hence, the weight shouldn’t be a concern. 


Whether you want to work from the comfort of your couch or use your laptop in your bed, carrying it from one place to another isn’t a problem.

Flagtop’s laptop cooling pad is extremely lightweight. That is why it is perfect for lap use. It is also slim and portable. So you can carry it with you anywhere. 

Ultra Quiet Technology

This laptop cooling pad features high-tech mute technology. Thus, you can use it for an extended period without getting disturbed by the noise. In addition, it allows you to work in a noise-free environment. 

2 in 1 USB Port

This laptop cooling pad comes with two in one USB ports. In addition, it has a built-in USB cable, one USB type-A male port, and one USB type-A female port. These ports expand connectivity options.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads for Smaller Laptops

While everybody gives recommendations for laptop cooling pads measuring between 15 to 17 inches, it’s vital to consider smaller laptops.

Although these laptops come with a light processor and do not heat up excessively like heavy-duty gaming laptops, they still require cooling pads due to poor ventilation. Here are some of the best laptop cooling pads for smaller notebooks and laptops.

11. Coolertek’s Laptop Cooling Pad

Coolertek's Laptop Cooling Pad

Coolertek’s Laptop Cooling Pad is ideal for smaller laptops measuring between 11 to 15 inches. This cooling pad features two fans which are sufficient to provide maximum cooling to a smaller laptop. Moreover, it is lightweight and durable. 

Constructed from high-quality materials, this laptop cooling pad proved to be wear-resistant. It also has a firm carrying surface. Here are some features of this laptop cooling pad.

Super Cooling with Quiet Fans

When we discuss the cooling capabilities of a fan, noise is our first concern. However, the 160 mm quiet fans create a noise-free environment that allows you to work peacefully. 

Moreover, the fans provide rapid cooling to your device, quickly dissipating heat. As a result, the processor does not overheat, saving your battery from permanent degradation. 

Connectivity Expansion

Are you concerned about laptop cooling pads not offering an array of features when it comes to smaller laptops? Well, you do not have to invest in a regular laptop wedge anymore.

Coolertek’s laptop cooling pad comes with features such as extra USB ports that increase your connectivity options. The ports are suitable for data transmission and connecting peripherals. 

Ergonomic Comfort

Besides futuristic features, comfort is a concern when it comes to cooling pads. Whether you want to place your laptop in your lap or your desk, you need to be comfortable when you work. 

The ergonomic design of this cooling pad provides comfort because of its two adjustable angles. By adjusting the angle according to your preference, you can watch videos or work for hours without worrying about discomfort or backache. 

Great Device Compatibility

One of the features that everyone loves about this laptop cooling pad is its great compatibility with several devices. So whether your laptop or notebook measures 11 inches or 17 inches, this cooling pad is going to provide maximum cooling to your device. 

12. ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Pad

ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Pad

ICE COOREL Laptop Cooling Pad comes with a mesh design featuring one big 160 mm fan which spins at adjustable speeds. It is suitable for smaller notebooks and laptops measuring between 12 to 15.6 inches. 

The reason why this laptop made it to the best recommendations is its noise reduction design. 

You may wonder why we are a fan of noise reduction designs? Suppose you’re working for long periods and you’re exhausted.

The chances of you getting annoyed by noise increase with exhaustion. From personal experience, it is better to work in noise-free environments.

Thus, comfort and cooling features aren’t the only concern when talking about cooling pads with fans. Sometimes, the noise created by fans is enough to irk you out. Therefore, this laptop cooling pad is just right for you if you also wish to work without getting disturbed by the fan noise. 

Here are some additional features that make it a great buy. 

Adjustable Fan Speed 

This cooling pad only features one 160 mm big fan, but it spins at various speeds ranging from 1000-1400 RPM. The cooling pad also features a mesh design that enhances the ventilation.

Furthermore, the fan speed of 1000-1400 RPM greatly improves the laptop’s performance as it is powerful enough to dissipate the heat generated by a small laptop. 


ICE COOREL’s laptop cooling pad has an aluminum alloy surface that draws heat away from your laptop. This aluminum surface also plays an essential role in heat dissipation. Moreover, it provides a wear-resistant surface. 

Laptop Cooling Stand with Seven Adjustable Heights

This laptop cooling pad comes with a stand that has seven options for adjusting the height. You can adjust it according to your comfort.

The stand also has two baffles that prevent your laptop from sliding down. Thus, you can position it however you want. 

Many users think that adjustable height is not an exciting feature. However, we guarantee that it is ideal for those who have to work for extended hours. Moreover, height adjusting features relieve your neck ache, backache, and wrist ache. 

Two USB Ports

This cooling pad is also equipped with two USB ports. They allow you to transmit data. You can also connect other peripherals to this. Moreover, the cooling pad comes with a free USB cable. 

13. TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad

The Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad is ideal for laptops measuring between 12 to 16 inches. Thus, if you’re looking for a cooling pad compatible with smaller laptops, Tecknet is an excellent buy.

It is a portable ultra-slim laptop cooler that comes with two USB-powered fans. Creatively designed for desk use and lap use, this cooling pad effectively provides airflow to your laptop.

Moreover, it is compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, ASUS, Dell, Alienware, HP, Air, and Lenovo. Here are the details of some key features. 

Strong Fans

The Tecknet Laptop cooling pad has two 110 mm strong fans. These paired with the metal mesh provide maximum airflow to your device to keep it cool.

These fans provide sufficient cooling for smaller laptops, netbook, notebook, Apple Macbook BookPro, or even ultrabooks.

For heavy-duty laptops, you should always look for huge fans. But if you want a cooling pad for a smaller laptop, buying the one with one or two fans works best. They produce minimum noise and work efficiently to decrease the temperature of your device. 


Since this laptop cooling pad is compatible with smaller laptops, it is lightweight. Besides this, it is also slim.

This makes the laptop cooler and extremely portable. You can even carry it in your laptop bag and take it anywhere with you. 

Individual USB Ports

This cooling pad for smaller laptops comes with two individual USB ports. You can connect more USB devices via these ports.

Most of the cooling pads come with ports that power the laptop’s fans. With USB ports at a premium, you have to choose between providing cooling to your device or connecting more peripherals. 

But these individual USB ports allow you to connect your peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, or headphones along with using the fans. 

Are the Small Fans Fast Enough? 

Two fans may sound like they aren’t sufficient for providing a uniform airflow to excessively heated devices. But these fans are powerful. They generate a good airflow which is enough to cool down smaller devices such as notebooks. 

Moreover, they are placed at an even distance, providing a uniform airflow. This way, the airflow targets your laptop evenly to keep it cool. 

14. KLIM Pro – The Cooling Pad for Compact Laptops

KLIM Pro - The Cooling Pad for Compact Laptops

KLIM Pro laptop cooling pad is designed for light and compact laptops. 

If your laptop measures between 10 to 15.6 inches, KLIM Pro is the best laptop cooling pad you can buy because it is not only excellent at providing cooling to your laptop but also very cost-efficient. 

If you’re looking to buy an affordable cooling pad that lasts longer, Klim Pro will not disappoint you. It is an extremely durable and sturdy cooling pad suitable for desk use and lap use.

Moreover, KLIM has worked to make this model perfect for extended use. It maximizes the lifespan of your laptop and also significantly boosts its performance. Let us go into the details of some features.

Two Powerful Fans

KLIM Pro cooling pad for a laptop is suitable for smaller laptops, but it still integrates heavy-duty fast running 120 mm fans.

They spin at 1200 RPM, which is extremely powerful considering the small size of the cooling pad and the laptop. So these fans are powerful, but they are surprisingly quiet at only 26 decibels. 


The Klim Pro cooling pad is easy to carry as it only weighs about 550 grams. This is a considerably low weight for most of the cooling pads of this size. 

People who own smaller laptops like to work by placing the device in their laps. KLIM Pro’s lightweight makes it suitable for lap use.

Also, the surface of this laptop cooling pad is flat, which makes it easier for you to carry it in a backpack. 

Anti Slippage System

When you look at the surface of KLIM Pro’s cooling pad, you may think that it’s slippery. However, this cooling pad features an anti slippage system. This allows you to place the laptop however you wish. 

The anti slippage system minimizes the risk of your laptop sliding off or falling from the desk when you change its position. 

Sturdy Design 

Although Klim Pro’s laptop cooling pad is lightweight, it is still robust. In addition, its intelligent design ensures that the cooling pad is durable. Thus it is a risk-free purchase. 

15. Actto Laptop Cooling Pad

Actto Laptop Cooling Pad

The Actto Laptop Cooling Pad is compatible with all types of small laptops such as notebooks and netbooks.

If you own a laptop measuring between 10 to 15 inches, Actto Laptop Cooling Pad will prove very useful for you. 

Efficiency is a major concern when we talk about cooling pads. But with Actto’s cooling pad, you won’t have to worry about overheating ever again. 

This cooling pad not only boosts the performance of your laptop but also keeps it from overheating when you run heavy tasks on it. 

Smaller laptops are more likely to heat up when you run heavy-duty tasks on them, such as programming or rendering. It happens because smaller laptops do not have a large mesh or a cooling system to dissipate heat.

If that is the case, Actto’s cooling pad is an efficient and affordable option to boost your laptop’s performance. Here are the key features of this cooling pad. 

Ergonomic Design 

The ergonomic design, along with the non-slip baffle, makes this laptop ideal for desk and lap use. You can hide the laptop cooler stand when you’re not using it.

It has four non-slip baffles that prevent your laptop from falling or sliding down the slant surfaces. Moreover, the bottom of the cooling pad has a thick anti-skid pad for enhanced grip. 

Easy to Carry

Everyone uses a small laptop for the ease of portability. But if you buy a cooling pad that cannot accompany your laptop everywhere, it becomes useless.

This is why Actto’s cooling pad is a great buy because you can carry it in your laptop bag. It also has a metal mesh surface which makes it wear-resistant. 

Quiet Fans

This laptop cooling pad has a huge fan that effectively dissipates heat. However, the size of the fan might make you question the noise factor. 

Well, the fan provides a silent cooling effect. Moreover, this cooling pad has LEDs that light up to indicate that the fan is working. 

Extra USB Ports

Actto’s laptop cooling pad has an extra USB port with a power switch design. The built-in USB hub allows you to connect more than one USB device. It also comes with a USB to USB cable for data transmission.

16. Hiwings Laptop Cooling Pad

I use my laptop for some pretty high-performance work that also runs high graphics activities, requiring a lot of processor power and RAM speed. Sometimes I use mine for hours on end – which quite frankly, is not the best thing to do. So I decided to go with the Hewings Laptop Cooling Pad and it had some really cool features I liked:  

Impressive cooling pad

Hiwings laptop cooling pad was specifically made to cool down laptops ranging in size from 12 to 17.3 inches. I just like the look of the metallic paint mesh top and other four cool blue LED lights that make improve the gaming background to give it a lively experience at the same time. It has a nice motor that gives it that ultra-quiet cooling experience thanks to the four high-speed fans that provide 500 – 1000 rpm to keep the device cool at all times.

Say goodbye to back aches

Thanks to its 3 adjustable angle heights, I was able to adjust the laptop to different positions, raise and tilt it to the best viewing position that will not get my back hurting. There is also a large and thick skid pad at the bottom that keeps the laptop stable.

Convenient USB ports

It came as a surprise but I gladly appreciate the engineering team that put the dual USB ports there. I could connect a couple of things if I wanted to – my keyboard, smartphone, mouse, etc. That was pretty convenient to have.

17. Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS – Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad


If you’re a gamer like me, you understand what overheating is all about. Even with the most powerful GPU, it’s hard to keep laptops cools when you’re knees deep in gaming. The Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS is exactly what I needed.

Simple design

Even with a simple design, the Cooler Master NotePal is a higher end laptop cooler that comes in a metallic design and rubber accents. There are three 80mm fans that are adjustable and you can tilt the cooler to a reasonable position to avoid having to slouch to get your work done.

What I liked most about the Cooler Master NotePal U3 Plus

The option to position fans where you want them is a major plus because it allows you to provide your laptop with the most efficient cooling possible. You can also move the USB cable clip to the side you want, making it less of a headache.

This one will definitely last a long time. The frame is made out of a single large sheet of metal that should not shatter unless anything goes wrong. Because the grating is similar to that of most PC cases, one may use their own PC case fans to mount it, and it will work with hardware like a PC case fan does.

You can also disconnect the fans and sling your laptop inside the cooler’s back section for surprisingly good portability. Cooler Master has even sensibly included a strap for this purpose.

18. ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Surprisingly enough, there are laptop cooling pads that are priced even more than a hundred bucks. The ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is a powerful but lenient and affordable option that can be purchased at the same price of a pizza. What I liked most about ICE COOREL RGB Laptop Cooling Pad:

Super cooling, quiet fans

This laptop cooling pad comes with 2 pieces that create nothing but a noise-free environment with no interruptions. The fans are designed to create that cooling effect that, quite frankly, are some of the quiet ones I’ve ever had. For a gaming laptop, this worked very impressively. The meshed surface, coupled with the silent fan, provides great cooling and prolongs the laptop’s life.

Practical comfort to reduce stress

With adjustable supporting angles, this cooling pad is made to meet a variety of user habits and provide greater human body adaptation. It will assist you in finding the most comfortable angle when playing games, watching films, or doing work for long periods of time.

Convenient USB ports

The USB port on this laptop cooler is used to connect directly to the laptop and power the fan. This ensures het laptop remains cool even after using it for long. One can also use the cooling pad to enhance airflow quietly, or even utilize the fan to lower the temperature by about 10 degrees. The USB cord is easily managed thanks to cord grooves on the inner unit.

19. KLIM Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re in the market for a bright, special laptop cooler that can transform your battle station and make it shine, you will never go wrong with the KLIM Ultimate RGB Laptop Cooling Pad. I liked this laptop cooling pad because:

Eliminate overheating

Overheating the laptop’s components pose a serious threat to its productivity. on’t always have to wait for an accident to happen so that you can get an excuse to replace it with a new one. Just save the money and use the KLIM Ultimate to avoid unnecessary spending. Its strong and magnificent 200mm fan, which spins at 750 RPM, will create air circulation that will quickly cool the laptop. You’ll never be bothered by the heat again!

Built to last the test of times

Why worry about size when you can have this KLIM Ultimate RGB cooling pad which works with all laptops up to 17 inches. It can also provide excellent support for 19-inch laptops and is extremely stable. The lower support allows you to pick it up from four different inclinations. It can also perfectly support the weight of your laptop and also withstand shocks thanks to its metal grid panel. The KLIM Ultimate is designed to last a lifetime.

The Final Words

After talking extensively about these fifteen laptop cooling pad recommendations, it is now time to sum up this review. 

Hopefully, you’ll find an ideal laptop cooling pad to boost your device’s performance and prevent it from overheating. I hope the information in this article proves useful for you to make a buying decision.