Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams

Some paint colors are just plain right. They’re perfect for any room, any climate, and they make everyone happy. And never has this been more true than with the Serwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray. The perfect shade of gray—or should we say “king of graige”—has deepened over the last few years to become not only the most popular paint color, but also one of the best selling paint hues of all time.

AG is a combination of gray and beige with yellow undertones that leans slightly towards gray. This calming gray will eliminate the need for other finishes in many rooms of your home while creating a fresh atmosphere overall.

With an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 60, Agreeable Gray does a good job reflecting light. Sherwin-Williams classifies it as a “light” color, but I’d describe it as a “light medium” instead. Agreeable Gray is a warm paint hue that works well as a background for other warm-toned furnishings and decor.

What is Agreeable Gray Color Number?

In Sherwin Williams color catalog , Agreeable Gray is listed under number SW 7029 (with a location number of 243-C1).

If you are trying to find color reference for Agreeable Gray on the screen then the RGB values are : 209 202 192 and for the HEX code #D1CAC0.

What is Agreeable Gray LRV or Light Reflectance Value?

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is an index that is important to be familiar with when it comes to materials for your projects. It’s used mostly in architecture, but can be applied to anything else, like furniture and of course interior design. LRV for Agreeable Gray is close to 60 or to be more accurate 59, 82%.

 (LRV)  measures how much visible and useable light bounces back from a surface in all directions and at all wavelengths when it is lit. All in all, this scale is used to determine how much light a particular shade reflects or absorbs and the value listed on paint labels will tell you how much visible light reflects off the surface and into the observer’s eye.blank

Is Agreeable Gray Gray or Beige?

Actually it is neither. Agreeable Gray is one of these interesting shades that is neither gray nor beige, so it falls under a color category best described as greige (gray +beige). Or if you really want to stick to gray, you should specify that it is gray with warm beige undertones.

Is Gray Going Out of Style 2022?

We’ve already seen a shift away from cool neutrals recent years and  paint manufacturers are urging us to be more daring in our interior design. So what is the deal? Is gray going out of style in 2022? Fact is that gray (or greige) isn’t going anywhere. According to design legend and HGTV star Joanna Gaines, choosing a gray paint color is one of the best ways to achieve a gender-neutral space. “A gray offers an added layer of neutrality — it has a masculine and feminine quality — that doesn’t lean too much in either direction,” she says.

Is Agreeable Gray Still Popular  in 2022?

Even though some cooler shades of other neutrals and grays have taken over in the past few years, this King of Greige still rules strong, so to answer your question- Yes! Agreeable Gray is still very much on trend in 2022.

But what makes Agreeable Gray such a popular paint color? It’s one of those colors that looks amazing even with little effort. This is why it has seen such long periods of popularity, and why it will probably continue to be popular for years to come. Just a few whites, or a few other warm neutrals, accents in black and you have a beautiful color palette that everyone will love.

What are Agreeable Gray Undertones?

Paint undertones are a subtle blend of different shades. They come from the application process where paint is mixed with two or more pigments which create an assortment of colors. Undertones can range from light to dark or vice versa.

The color tone influences the mood created by the paint color, so it is important for those interested in remodeling their home to have an accurate understanding of what undertones are available when they are choosing colors to paint the interior walls.

Paint undertones give you the chance to combine colors that are not harmonious with each other. The result is a shade that complements your color scheme rather than clashes with it. This means that its effect changes how your home looks but it doesn’t change its function or purpose.

Agreeable Gray has a warm beige undertone and is a medium gray. It may seem more beige or gray, depending on the lighting. In bright, warm light, it’s a bit warmer; in dark, cold light, it’s grayer. To put it another way, it’s the purest kind of greige.

Agreeable Gray is a greige that leans toward gray, to the point that it may even cast a gray-blue in some spaces (especially those with a northerly exposure).

Agreeable Gray is one of the most delicate greige paint colors, only featuring a little bit green for those who hate chilly undertones. Never forget that any shade of gray, no matter how light or dark, will pick up on the undertones.  

Agreeable Gray for Exterior 

Agreeable Grey is a popular option for exterior paint colors because of its versatility. It can be used to make any home seem sleek and sophisticated, while still maintaining some warmth with touches of browns and greens.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners ranked gray as their favorite exterior color. It is the second most popular color for home exteriors and was chosen by 18 percent of homeowners who made a color selection for their new home. (A white exterior was the favorite at 37 percent.)

Agreeable Gray for Interiors

Sherwin Williams recommends using this shade for formal rooms like dining rooms, living rooms and hallways. It also works well in guest bedrooms and other areas of the house where you would want neutral calming look. This low-key gray will provide great contrast to accent pieces like couches and lighting.

Though this mood-inducing graige is striking enough to deserve its own space, you should also consider other shades including white, black and white to support the look. Agreeable Gray is a neutral color that will be appropriate for any time of year, although it works best with spring and summer designs.

Accent walls are another way of trying out this tone. If done right, this wall will seamlessly blend into the surrounding walls (white or another color), giving your room an extra kick without overpowering it.

It will seem more gray in a space with strong lighting or a lot of natural light while with warm incandescent or LED lighting, Agreeable Gray’s beige will pop out more.

Kitchen & Cabinets

Agreeable Gray is a versatile color. It can be used in any room for an elegant, simple yet sophisticated look. The gray paint Sherwin Williams offers has been designed to be a color that’s easy to live with and completely versatile.

If you’re looking for a warm gray paint color to use in your kitchen cabinets, cabinets doors and other trim, this Sherwin Williams paint is definitely an option…


The reason why this paint is so great for bathrooms is because it offers just enough contrast to stand out against the bathroom fixtures, yet still look very subtle against the white tiling found in most bathrooms. The paint also offers a slight beige sheen to it which will give your bathroom a polished look.


Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray is a great hue to create the warm ambiance that provides a comfortable setting for sleep. With it comes a calming, serene atmosphere that will help lull you into an evening slumber. The soft neutral hue of Agreeable Gray not only blends well with any other color in the room, but also creates an elegant backdrop on which you can hang wall art or stylish décor pieces.

Living Room

Agreeable Gray’s excellent color harmony and hue make it a good choice for bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices as well as living rooms. You can use this color to create a warm base if your living room needs a shot of subtle elegance.

This shade is easy to work with and complements many different styles of decor. No matter what your personal taste is, Agreeable Gray will help create a living space that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. Because it is so neutral, this hue goes well with just about anything!

Is Agreeable Gray Sold in Home Depot?

Because of a retail agreement, Sherwin Williams paint is only available at Lowe’s and not at Home Depot. Despite this, Home Depot has a wide selection of paints for indoor and outdoor walls, concrete, and wood that are all weather-resistant.

Is Agreeable Gray Sold at Lowes?

Yes, absolutley. This home improvement store offers everything from paint and flooring to interior design materials and gardening supplies. As one of the largest companies in North America, Lowes has supplied homeowners with thousands of products at all price points for over 100 years!

With services like free delivery on purchases over $45, this is one home improvement company that knows how important it is to save time and money when finding everything you need for your project. Whether you’re looking for an affordable living room set or a higher quality paint product, this is the place to go.

In addition to remodeling projects, Lowes also offers a variety of other services including a landscape design service and a handyman’s service.