8 Best Nanny & Hidden Cams

A nanny (or hidden) cam refers to a wireless or wired video surveillance camera that can be easily hidden. Some are extremely small and can be attached to ordinary objects at a favorable vantage point. And some are embedded within ordinary-seeming objects such as stuffed toys or clocks. They are usually marketed to parents who want to keep a close watch on their babysitters and kids. However, they can also be used for a range of other purposes.

A  nanny cam is absolutely necessary if you leave your kids with a caretaker or babysitter. It helps you make sure that your nanny is taking good care of your kids and it gives you some peace of mind as you go about your day.

However, hidden nanny cams have a number of other uses as well. They can be used to check up on pets or kids. They can also be installed in shops to prevent shoplifting. And they can be installed to watch over your property when you’re away on holidays.

There are a number of different types of hidden nanny cams out there. Some are tiny and discreet. Some come in the shape of simple objects. Nanny cams also differ based on the type of features they include such as motion detection, night vision, etc.

Nanny and hidden cams can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Have you hired the services of a new caretaker or nanny? If so, it’s likely that you don’t completely trust them. With a nanny cam, you can gain live footage of your home so you know what they are doing at all times. Are they mistreating your child? Are they not feeding them the correct dishes? You’ll know immediately.
  • These cams can transmit videos and recordings to your phone. As such, even when you’re away at work, you can watch over your child. This gives you the peace of mind you need to be a working parent.
  • In addition to nannies, hidden cameras can also be installed to watch over your property or pets while you’re away.
  • Most nanny hidden cameras come with motion detection sensors. As such, the moment they register a sudden movement, they notify you. This feature can be useful if someone breaks into your property when you’re away or at night.
  • You can also install hidden cams surreptitiously in your shop. As such, your customers can be discreetly watched over, minimizing the possibility of shoplifting.

All those cameras come with a range of different features and specifications. Which features should you focus on? What do they mean? Let’s look at all the different options below.

Best WiFi-Enabled Hidden Cams

1. MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera

MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera is being billed as the world’s smallest camera. That claim isn’t completely accurate as there certainly are smaller cameras available in the world. However, with a total weight of just 4 ounces and dimensions of 4.8 x 3 x 2.6″, it’s still extremely small and portable. As a wireless and portable camera, it can easily be attached to light fixtures, behind refrigerators, or poles to monitor people without their awareness.

MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera is my favorite hidden camera primarily because of its features and specifications. It has the ability to record full-HD 1080p videos along with clear audio feedback. I was surprised that it was also capable of focusing on distant speech by minimizing all background noise. As for the video, in addition to the great resolution, it also provides great clarity with sharp colors. Furthermore, you can charge it and record videos simultaneously.

This nanny cam also comes with a Motion Detection feature. As such, you can set it up such that it only records videos when some motion is detected in the vicinity. As such, you don’t have to skim through hours upon hours of useless footage and can only review the important data. The Motion Detection feature also saves memory since it’s not recording all the time.

The MAGENDARA Mini WiFi Camera has a maximum storage capacity of 128GB micro TF Card. This is about the maximum you can expect from mini cameras, so that’s pretty ideal. Furthermore, if the space in the card is running out, the Loop Recording feature is triggered so the newer footage is written over the oldest footage.

This nanny cam is also WiFi enabled. As such, you can install the accompanying app in your smartphone to receive visual footage of the camera anywhere at all, as long as you have a WiFi connection in your cell phone. This is a great means of keeping an eye on your home at all times. However, my primary, and perhaps only, complaint is that the app is extremely basic. It can only give you access to live footage. You cannot remotely control when it starts or stops recording, you can’t zoom in or out, or access any other remote features.

For the price range, you can’t really expect too much from these mini nanny camps. But I was still hoping the app would be a little more intuitive than it currently is. Furthermore, the installation of the device and connecting it to the WiFi can also be a painful process. And the instruction manual is not very helpful. You should also not use this camera outdoors as it’s not waterproof or sun-proof. It should only be used indoors.


  • Extremely small and discreet.
  • Motion Detection works well.
  • Great storage capacity.


  • Vague instructions.
  • App isn’t intuitive.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

2. Conbrov WF98

Conbrov WF98 is yet another WiFi enabled mini nanny cam. Weighing just 7 ounces and with dimensions of 0.9 cubic inches, this truly is one of the world’s smallest hidden cams. It’s essentially a tiny cube you can hold between your fingers and it’s magnetic in nature so you can attach it to any metallic object without difficulty. This removes a lot of the pain associated with finding a suitable place to mount the device. You can simply stick it to some light fixtures, refrigerator, or any other metallic surface.

My greatest disappointment with this nanny cam is the video resolution. Most mini cams these days are capable of providing full HD video resolution of 1080p. The Conbrov WF98, however, can only record videos at 1280 x 960 resolution, which isn’t ideal.

Furthermore, the viewing angle is also not quite as wide as other cameras, which seriously restricts your width of vision. Having said that, this camera fares better than the MAGENDARA mini cam in terms of nighttime recording. It is equipped with Infrared lights so it can record videos even in low light situations. Night Vision is a pretty useful feature if you go out at nights as well.

This camera is WiFi enabled. As such, you can install the associated app in your smartphone to gain access to live streaming footage of the camera. The app is fairly basic in that it only allows you to check the live feed, you cannot control when the camera records, nor can you tilt or rotate the camera or do anything else.

However, the WiFi capacity does prove to be more useful than other mini cams when paired with the Motion Detection feature. As with all Motion Detection cameras, the Conbrov WF98 can also be set up to start recording videos only when there’s movement in the vicinity. This saves a lot of memory and time. However, the Conbrov WF98 has designed this feature such that when movement is detected, it automatically takes a few pictures as well, and sends them to your email address. You also get a push notification in your cell phone. As such, if there’s some sudden unwarranted movement in the vicinity of the camera, you’ll find out immediately.

The Conbrov WF98 supports a memory card of maximum 128GB. However, the micro SD card has to be added separately and it doesn’t come with the entire camera. That is more than adequate as it can record up to 16 hours of footage without having to trigger Loop Recording to overwrite the oldest footage. The battery performance is just decent for its size. It can record videos for one hour on battery. As such, if you’re going away somewhere for a long time, it will be better to connect the camera to a power source. It can record videos even when it’s connected.


  • Smallest WiFi enabled nanny cam on the market.
  • The magnetized body is extremely helpful in installation.
  • Night Vision is available.
  • Motion Detection feature sends push notifications to a cell phone when triggered.
  • Large storage space.


  • Basic app with minimal features.
  • Poor battery life.
  • Can’t record videos in Full HD.

3. Antaivision Fisheye 360° Indoor Dome

The previously mentioned mini hidden cameras are really effective. However, blind spots are unavoidable with both those cameras. In fact, blind spots are hard to avoid with most cameras. That’s where the Antaivision Fisheye 360° Indoor Dome camera comes in. It is a WiFi-enabled camera with a 360° panoramic view angle fisheye lens. The camera itself is located inside a smoke detector. As such, it is located overhead, is completely discreet, and it can look over the entire room.

However, it is not just the viewing angle that sets this Antaivision camera apart. It has the highest number of advanced features in comparison to most other nanny cams. You have to download the app called COOLCAM in your phone and connect your camera to your home’s WiFi network. Once done, you’ll gain access to the live footage of the camera in your phone, wherever you may be. In addition to simply viewing the live footage, you can also remotely control the video recording.

As such, you can manually trigger when you want to start or stop recording. Furthermore, you can also access the intercom to communicate with the individuals in the vicinity of the camera. This feature is useful if you notice that your nanny is doing something wrong so you can immediately correct them, and you can also talk to your child over the intercom in real time.

The video resolution isn’t as great as many other cameras. It can only record videos in a 960p resolution, which might lead to you missing out on certain details. However, it has infrared capacity so it can record videos even when it’s completely dark. It provides up to 20 feet of visibility in the dark, which is enough for a single room. You should, however, note that its Night Vision recording can only provide black and white footage.

This camera also has the Motion Detection feature. As such, you can set it up so that it automatically starts recording videos when some motion is detected. Furthermore, whenever there’s a sudden motion, it can also send an alarm alert to your smartphone so you can be immediately notified.

My biggest issue with this excellent camera is that it cannot run on battery. It has to be connected to a power source at all times. You get a power cord of 2.5 meter, which is adequate to connect it. However, since the camera lies inside what appears to be a smoke detector, the protruding wires should seem fairly ordinary.

Beside the power source issue, the reason I haven’t placed this camera as my number one recommendation is its angle. Since it is placed overhead, it can only give you a bird’s eye view of the entire room. Most people I know don’t prefer that angle. You can, of course, place it on a side wall as well to get a better angle. However, in that case, it will be less discreet and an observant nanny might realize it’s actually a camera.


  • Provides a 360° view of the room.
  • Can remotely control when to record videos.
  • Two-way intercom feature.
  • Strong night vision.


  • Relatively weak video resolution.
  • Has to be connected to a power source at all times.
  • The overhead angle isn’t suitable for most people.

4. Phylink PLC-128SPW

The Phylink PLC-128SPW is a mini pinhole nanny cam. It is a wired camera and it comes with a 20 feet cable for installation. So right off the bat, I was initially hesitant about purchasing this hidden cam because I prefer wireless devices. Even though the camera lens itself is quite small, it becomes harder to hide a bunch of wires and devices leading out of the camera.

You can hide it inside a bookshelf, concealing the wires behind the shelf as well. Or you can install it in a light fixture and make the wires seem like an extension of the light’s connections. However, you have to go through additional steps to conceal it, which wouldn’t be necessary for a wireless battery-powered camera.

So why have I included it in my list of best nanny and hidden cams? Because the features and quality of this camera (at a low budget range), makes up for that initial discomfort of installation and concealment. This device is WiFi-enabled. As such, you can download the associated app to your phone or your computer and gain access to the live footage. You can also remotely control the device. You can start or stop recording when you want.

The device also comes with an embedded 2-way intercom. As such, you can talk to people in the vicinity of the room and you can also listen to them via your smartphone. Furthermore, the camera has a general I/O port through which you can also connect external alarm devices like PIR sensors.

The motion detection feature can be set up to record only when there’s motion in the room. It can also send you email and push alarm notifications when there’s some sudden movement. As such, you can be alerted immediately and you can take actions in real time. This feature also helps save memory. The video quality is decent, providing 720p resolution and sharp colors.

I am also really impressed with this camera’s storage functionality. It can store videos in a microSD card, FTP, online platforms like Dropbox, or a number of other storage platforms. This means you don’t have to be restricted to the SD card’s limited space and older footages don’t have to be overwritten. However, if you do use the SD card, you have a maximum capacity of 128GB. If you don’t want to record the video, you can also view the live footage in a web interface such as Blue Iris, QuickTime, or RealPlayer.


  • Lots of options in terms of video storage.
  • Can video live stream in phone or through a web interface.
  • Motion Detection feature can send instant alarms.
  • 2-way intercom.


  • No night vision.
  • No battery power available.
  • Hard to conceal.

Best Wireless Hidden Cams

5. Conbrov T10 Photo Frame

The Conbrov T10 Photo Frame is an extremely stealthy nanny cam concealed within an ordinary picture frame. The picture frame itself has a circular pattern embedded on it, and the lens is located within one of those patterns so that it perfectly blends into the surroundings. As such, no one will suspect the photo frame of being anything other than what it seems, making it perfect as a nanny cam.

This nanny cam is completely wireless and it runs on a 10000mah battery. As such, you can expect about 30 hours of video recording lifespan during the day and 10 hours with Night Vision on. That’s pretty impressive considering most nanny cams only provide a few hours of backup. Furthermore, when on standby, this nanny cam can provide backup of a year.

I’m not particularly impressed with the 720p video recording quality. Even by 720p camera standards, it’s not particularly sharp. But I am impressed with the Night Vision. It has a black LED so it can’t be seen flashing even at night, and it can provide about 15 to 25 feet of visibility in the dark. Of course, the quality will be sacrificed and you’ll see slightly blurry images, but that’s true for most nanny cams with night vision.

Like all other nanny cams, the Conbrov T10 Photo Frame also has PIR Motion Detection sensors installed. As such, you can set it up to start automatically recording whenever there’s some movement. The motion detector records for 1 minute per file every time some movement is detected. This can save a lot of memory space, something you’ll need to seriously consider since this nanny cam can accommodate a maximum of 32GB SD Card.

That is actually my biggest gripe with this camera — the lack of space. 32GB is not enough for most people. Furthermore, with the Loop Recording feature, the oldest footage will keep getting overwritten. So essentially, you will only be able to store the most recent footage in the card, only going back a few hours.

You should also note that this camera is not WiFi enabled. As such, you cannot install an app in your phone to remotely monitor the camera or gain live footage. You have to allow the camera to record the data and store it in the SD card. Later, you have to retrieve the SD card and enter it into your computer to access the data.


  • Extremely discreet and designed like a picture frame.
  • Night Vision enabled.
  • Extremely strong battery life.
  • Highly portable.


  • No WiFi enabled.
  • Lack of storage space.
  • Average video quality.

6. WCXCO Spy Pen

As the name suggests, the WCXCO Spy Pen is a hidden camera located within the body of an ordinary-seeming pen. The pen is fully functional and it comes with 2 refills. The pinhole lens is located under the move-up clip and it is activated when you use the clicker. You can position the pen on a table so it can record everything or you can even carry it on your person to meetings that you want to secretly record.

This nanny cam provides 1080p video recording so it’s completely sharp and clear. The camera is strong enough that it can capture clear videos even in low-light settings. I was, however, disappointed that it has an extremely narrow viewing angle of just 65 degrees. As such, it can give you a portrait visual, which isn’t ideal to watch over an entire room.

This camera can be activated both manually and automatically. If you want to take a video manually, you have to press the top function button until the blue indicator turns green. You can click it once more to put it on standby mode. If you want to capture a picture, you have to press the clicker twice in quick succession.

Unfortunately, this nanny cam does not have a motion detection feature. As such, you’ll have to start video recording it and place it in the room you want to watch over. It will record the video continuously until the memory card is filled up. You will later have to retrieve the memory card, enter it in your computer, and review the footage. However, the maximum SD card you can use is just 32GB. As such, it can only provide you with up to 5 hours of footage at a time.

This pen camera runs on a 380 mAh. As such, it also has an extremely limited battery backup. It can only record for up to 60 minutes before needing to be recharged. You can also choose to keep it connected via a USB cord, but that will not look natural and it will give away that the pen is actually a camera.

All things considered, the WCXCO Spy Pen is certainly not my favored nanny cam. There are a lot of other superior options out there. You have cameras that are WiFi enabled so they provide live footage. You have cameras with better battery backup and more storage space. You also have cameras with Night Vision. The only unique thing this hidden camera offers is the ability to carry it anywhere you want. You cannot carry a picture frame or alarm clock anywhere you want, but you can carry a pen.


  • No one will suspect a pen of being a hidden camera.
  • It can be carried anywhere at all.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Full HD video recording.


  • No Motion Detection.
  • No Night Vision.
  • Not WiFi enabled.
  • Poor battery backup.
  • Extremely limited storage space.

7. AES Spy Cameras Alarm Clock

The AES Spy Cameras Alarm Clock is a pretty nifty nanny cam. It’s similar to the Conbrov T10 in that it’s a camera hidden within an ordinary-seeming object. The digital alarm clock is perfectly functional and the camera lens is located next to the screen. The lens and the screen are the same color so the lens perfectly blends in. As such, you can position it anywhere you like and it won’t draw any attention.

This is a fairly simple wireless nanny cam. There’s no WiFi capability so you cannot check the live stream in your phone or computer. You have to allow the camera to record videos while you’re away and you have to later review them by inserting the SD card in your computer.

It comes with an inbuilt 16GB SD card, which is just enough to store one or two hours of footage. You can remove that and insert a maximum of 32GB SD card, which can provide you up to 4 to 5 hours of video recording. The lack of storage space is this camera’s biggest drawback.

The video quality is fairly basic with a 720p resolution. Furthermore, there’s no night vision enabled so you cannot use it to record videos at night. The Motion Detection feature can be enabled so it only records videos when there’s motion, saving up on memory, which is extremely important in this camera. The Auto Recycle feature ensures that the new footage is written over the old footage so you don’t miss anything recent.

I am also seriously disappointed that this camera is incapable of recording audio. It can only provide visuals. This camera also needs to be plugged into an electrical socket at all times, there’s no battery included. However, since the camera is located within an alarm clock, the presence of a cord doesn’t raise any concerns.

All in all, this is a perfectly basic hidden cam that looks and acts like an alarm clock and it can record videos for an hour or two. It doesn’t have additional features, and it’s also pretty expensive. I would not recommend it unless you really need both a camera AND an alarm clock rolled in one.


  • Extremely discreet.
  • Can record videos continuously as it runs on electricity.


  • No battery power.
  • Not WiFi enabled.
  • Low storage space.
  • Basic video recording.
  • No audio.
  • No Night vision.

8. Fuvision Spy Camera Outlet

The Fuvision Spy Camera Outlet is a wireless camera embedded within a decoy electrical outlet. The camera comes with a DVR that can record videos in 1080p quality and save them in the microSD card.

What I liked most about this camera is how discreet it is. The lens is located within the socket so no one can tell that it’s there. The only concern I have is that the nanny might try to plug something into the electrical socket and realize that it’s not working, or possibly even damage the lens if they try pushing a plug deep into the socket. However, you can avoid that by simply letting the nanny know that the socket isn’t working.

The video quality is pretty clear. Only a few wireless hidden cameras provide full HD video recording, and this is one of them. While the video quality is pretty good, it has a LUX rating of 3.3, which means it can’t function very well in low-light settings. As such, you should make sure that the room with the camera is always well lit. The videos are stored in the SD card. You have to later retrieve the card, insert it into a computer, and then review the footage. You can use the Motion Detection feature to make sure that the camera only captures pertinent videos so you don’t have to skim through hours of irrelevant footage.

Like the other wireless cameras, the Fuvision Spy Camera Outlet also lacks adequate storage space. It comes with an inbuilt 16GB SD card that can be expanded to 32GB. However, with 1080p video recording, you’ll be able to get a maximum of 90 minutes of footage in the SD card.

The camera runs on a 1350mah rechargeable battery. When placed in motion activation mode, this camera can provide up to 15 days of standby battery. However, it can only record videos for a few hours before needing to be recharged.


  • Discreetly located within a decoy power outlet.
  • Full HD video recording.
  • Strong motion detectors.


  • Poor battery life.
  • Low storage space.
  • Doesn’t perform very well in low light settings.
  • Not WiFi enabled.

What are the Different Types of Nanny & Hidden Cams?


This is the oldest and most rudimentary type of nanny camera. As such, I am only mentioning it for information, I have not included any of these in my list.

Hardwired hidden cameras are those in which you have to extend a wire from the camera unit to the recording device. The cost of the hidden camera itself is quite reasonable, but you have to get several additional devices which makes it more suitable. They are also a lot less discreet because of the extension of the wires. You should only consider installing hardwired hidden cameras if you can run the wires through the walls. As such, they should ideally be installed in smoke detectors, exit signs, etc.


In this case, the hidden camera is installed within ordinary objects like alarm clocks or picture frames. There are no wires involved and the visuals are transmitted wirelessly to an external device. An external recording device is required to receive the camera’s visuals. They are a lot better than hardwired cameras, but they’re also falling out of favor because you need a separate camera and recording device.


Self-Recording hidden cameras are some of the most advanced and impressive surveillance devices on the market. They are equipped with an internal DVR that can automatically record and store the video footage in an internal SD card. They are usually motion-triggered so they only record when there’s movement, saving both memory and time. When you have to review the footage, you can simply retrieve the SD card and insert it into your computer.

4G Wireless

Most wireless hidden cameras can only work if the receiving device is located in an area with WiFi connectivity. However, WiFi access isn’t always possible. That’s where 4G Wireless hidden cameras come in. 4G wireless hidden cameras are useful in off-grid locations without WiFi access. They use 4G LTE network to provide remote access to the camera and deliver alerts. There aren’t a lot of 4G wireless nanny cams available on the market currently, but it’s a burgeoning field with potential.

Internet Accessible

These hidden cameras use WiFi to transmit visuals and give remote access to an external device. The external device can also be a computer or a cell phone with the associated application installed. As such, you can access the app and remotely access the live video at any time.

Body Worn

As the name suggests, body worn hidden cameras are small surveillance devices installed on clothing items. They can be installed in objects such as glasses, watches, cufflinks, etc. These hidden cameras can come in a number of different types in terms of transmission of visuals. They can be hardwired, wireless, 4G wireless, or WiFi enabled. However, most body-worn cameras are wireless. These are ideal if you want to discreetly record meetings that you are personally privy to.

Which Factors to Consider when Buying Nanny & Hidden Cams?

The following are the primary factors you need to consider when buying nanny and hidden cams.


The primary factor when selecting a hidden camera is how well it can blend into your surroundings. If it’s an exposed camera, it should be so small that you can discreetly attach it to some light fixtures or pipeline from which it can keep watch. If you’re using a hidden camera, it should be concealed within an ordinary object like a wall clock or a pen or something inconspicuous. Furthermore, the camera lens should be surrounded by a black area so that it may blend in and be rendered invisible.

Self-Recording or Streaming

Self-Recording hidden cameras are those that record the actions of the room and store it in an SD card which you can retrieve and review later. The recording feature is triggered through motion-detection or you can set a timer.

Streaming hidden cameras are those in which you can view the camera’s visuals in real time remotely. When you’re monitoring a baby or a nanny, this is the most favored form of surveillance. If something is amiss, you find out immediately so you can take quick actions. Only WiFi hidden cameras have the ability to live stream video footage.

Automatic or Manual

An automatic camera is one that starts recording automatically. It can either start automatically and continue recording 24/7 with a loop feature that deletes the oldest footage as it goes on. It can also be triggered with motion detection so it only records when there’s some motion. Or you can set up a timer so it automatically starts recording everything at a predetermined time.

A manual camera is one wherein you have to personally start recording and then later stop recording. This is usually quite cheap but it’s not very effective as a nanny camera.

Power Supply

Do you want the camera to be battery powered or AC powered? Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Battery-powered hidden cameras are a lot more portable. They can be located anywhere at all, inside a doll, in a clock, anywhere. Furthermore, the lack of wires makes them more discreet. However, you have to regularly recharge their batteries as well.

AC-powered hidden cameras need to be fixed in place. Furthermore, in order for them to be discreet, you have to attach them to otherwise wired objects like a wired alarm clock or a light fixture. As such, a wire coming out of the device will not raise any alarms. However, if you attach the hidden camera to a toy and connect it to a power source, that might raise a few red flags. Their prime advantage is that they can be active and record all the time without fear of the battery running out. They’re ideal if you’re going away for a long time and you need constant visuals in your house.


Some nanny cams provide visuals only. However, if you’re keeping watch over your baby or nanny, you should get an audio-enabled nanny cam. This will allow you to hear what the nanny is telling them and you’ll be alerted whenever the baby cries out.


Some cameras have a built-in screen that might look like the face of an alarm clock or another similar object. If the camera has a screen, you can view the recorded footage in the camera itself instead of having to retrieve the SD card and hook it up to another device. The screen size usually ranges from 2 to 5 inches.

Video Quality

Nanny cams are certainly not as clear as advanced cameras. They are extremely minuscule in size and that sacrifices the video quality considerably. If you want to gain clear visuals of the camera, be sure to get a Hi-definition camera. You should aim for cameras with a resolution over 720p. And you should avoid getting cameras with lower resolutions as they will be a lot more blurry, as a result of which you might miss crucial details.

In addition to the resolution, the video quality is also determined by the colors. Some nanny cams can only provide black and white visuals, some can only capture primary colors, and some can capture as many as 12 million colors. You should get a camera that’s capable of capturing a vast range of colors. They’ll be better equipped to capture small details that black and white cameras would miss.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle refers to how wide the camera lens is. Generally speaking, a wide angle lens is favorable as it can cover a wider field of vision. A wide viewing angle will be able to give you a visual of what’s happening in the entire room instead of just the area in front of the camera. I personally favor hidden cameras with a viewing angle of over 180 degrees.

Night Vision

Not all nanny cams come with a night vision capability. In order for a camera to have night vision, it needs to have infrared lights embedded in the lens, the more the better. Night Vision can prove useful if you go out late at nights and need to watch over your kids at night. It can also be useful if you’re going away on a long holiday and need both day and night visual surveillance of your property.

In addition to the infrared feature, which is suitable for complete darkness, you should also study the camera’s LUX rating. The LUX rating determines how clearly the camera can provide visuals in low light (as opposed to NO light) situations. You should aim for a low LUX rating of about 2 for clarity in low-light settings.

Remote Accessibility

Some nanny cams can only record videos or provide you visual streaming. As such, you can see what’s happening or later review the recorded footage, but you cannot take action in real time. However, most modern nanny cams come with remote accessibility.

This feature gives you access to a live feed in your phone or other smart devices, provided the devices are connected to the WiFi. When you access the camera’s associated app, you can take a range of actions such as recording the video, zooming, tilting the camera, etc. These are all smart features that might be available, depending on the camera.

Different nanny and hidden cameras come with varying sets of additional features. You should go through the features being offered and gauge which ones you really need. The following are some of the most popular additional smart features you should look out for.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection has become a gold standard feature of wireless nanny cams. This feature ensures that the camera is only recording videos when there’s some motion in the area. This saves a lot of SD card memory and saves you the trouble of having to review hours upon hours of footage.

Furthermore, the motion detection feature can also be useful in streaming cameras. The moment some motion is detected, you get a notification in your cell phone or computer. As such, you can be notified whenever there’s movement so you can take action immediately, if necessary.

Noise Detection

This feature isn’t very common, but it can be useful if you’re dealing with babies. The noise detection feature sends you a push notification whenever there’s a sudden noise in the area. As such, if the baby suddenly starts crying or there’s a loud crash or bang in the room, you’ll know immediately.

Remote Pan and Tilt

With this feature, you can move the camera lens in real time. You can either rotate it from side to side or up and down. This helps you keep watch over all the different corners of the room.


Some cameras allow you to zoom in and focus on certain areas of the room. Only the most high-end and advanced nanny cams allow you to control the zoom remotely from your cell phone, so they’ll be pretty expensive. However, it can be useful if you want to keep a close eye on your child and nanny’s interactions from afar.

Two-Way Communication

This feature enables you to talk to people in the vicinity of the camera via an intercom. If you notice that your nanny is doing something they shouldn’t, you can immediately send your commands over the camera. This is a pretty useful feature when it comes to communicating with your baby and nanny. However, using this feature will naturally expose the camera.


This is an important factor if you’re purchasing a camera that automatically records videos and stores them in an SD card. Most cameras come with an inbuilt 32GB SD card. That is often inadequate for longterm video recording. As such, you should check what’s the maximum SD card capability that the camera has. Some cameras have a maximum capacity of 64GB and some can be extended to 128GB. The higher the storage capability, the better.


Different companies offer different warranty conditions. The warranty periods usually range between 1 year to 5 years. And some agree to replace the entire device within the warranty period whereas some come with certain stipulations. You should read the seller’s warranty information carefully before purchasing a nanny cam.

How to Install the Nanny Cam?

Installing a nanny cam is fairly simple. A wireless camera can be installed anywhere at all — inside some potted plant, in a light frame, etc. They usually come with receivers with a range of up to 500 feet. So you can be in another room and still watch over your child’s room through your device.

If you get a WiFi enabled nanny cam, you have to add the camera to the wireless network by following the given instructions. Once your camera has been added to the network, you have to download the associated app in your phone or device. You log into the app and simply start viewing the camera’s feed wherever you may be, as long as you have access to WiFi.

How & Where to Hide the Nanny Cam?

You can find a lot of nanny cams already concealed within ordinary-seeming objects like picture frames or alarm clocks. However, if you get an exposed mini camera, you can hide it in various locations. Some of the most popular hiding spots for nanny cams are:

  • Artificial Plants: You can plant the camera on an attractive artificial plant’s pot. It should be artificial so there’s no need for the nanny to water it or observe it.
  • Stuffed Toy: This is one of the most popular locations for hidden cameras. There are likely going to be several stuffed toys in your kid’s room. You can hide the camera behind the black beady eyes of one of the several stuffed toys. You should, however, place it somewhere it cannot be reached by your child.
  • Light Fixtures: You can hide the camera within the light fixtures or the double switch plate.
  • Bookcase: The camera can also be placed amongst some books on the shelf. Be sure not to place it amongst books that the nanny might pick up to read to the child.
  • Kitchen: You can hide the camera in your cutlery cupboard or fridge. This will allow you to see what the nanny is preparing for your child.

What Are the Laws Related to Nanny Cams?

It is perfectly legal for you to discreetly install a nanny cam in your own home. You are also allowed to record videos in your own home without informing the nanny. However, there are exceptions in place.

You cannot install a nanny cam in a bathroom, at least not without everyone’s express consent. You also cannot install the nanny cam in your nanny’s designated bedroom. Such private locations are off-limits for nanny cams. Of course, the legality of nanny cams differs from country to country and state to state. However, this is true for most states in the US.

Laws regarding audio recording are even more complicated. In some states, you are allowed to record audio anywhere in your own home without the knowledge of the individuals in the video. In some other states, at least one person in the video must know that they are being recorded. And in some other states, everyone in the recording must be aware of the audio recording.

Currently, the states that do not allow audio recording without the nanny’s permission are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Should the Nanny Be Informed About the Hidden Camera?

This depends entirely on the state in which you are installing the hidden camera. If you reside in one of the aforementioned states, you have to get your nanny to sign a disclosure agreement.


I hope this article has helped you figure out which is the best nanny hidden cam for your specific needs. Now that you’re equipped with all the information you need, you can make sure your kids remain safe at all times.