Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2022

10 Best Outdoor Subwoofers for Your Patio or Garden

Are you throwing a party outdoors on your backyard or patio? If so, you will need a sturdy set of outdoor subwoofers to enhance the quality of your music and make the party a success.

If you never owned one you may wonder why do I need one in the first place? Well, if you have ever been to a nightclub or a movie theater, you may have experienced a sound that vibrates through your whole body- this sound effect is done by subwoofers (ofcourse for home use the effect wont be as dramatic). Basically, subwoofers add to the low frequencies in your musical experience (calculated as Hertz (Hz).

The human ear generally has trouble listening to things at a 20-200Hz range. Subwoofers are supposed to exist in that space. The lower the frequency, the more “rumble” you feel. As such, humans feel the impact of lower frequency subwoofers.

Outdoor subwoofers are basically weather proof subwoofers that are powerful enough to be installed in an outdoor space. They are useful in parties as they can add a rumble effect to the music you’re listening to, without, however, distracting from the music itself.

There are 2 types of subwoofers available on the market, active and passive. Passive subwoofers are those that need to be powered via amplifiers. In this case, the amplifier needs to be powerful enough to activate the subwoofers. Active subwoofers, on the other hand, have inbuilt amplifiers so they can directly be used with speaker systems. They are easier to use, install, and combine with receivers and speakers.

There are a wide range of outdoor subwoofers for you to consider. In this article, I’ll give you an overview of some of the best outdoor subwoofers on the market.

Best Outdoor Subwoofers

1. OSD Audio OM-SUB200

OSD Audio OM-SUB200 is a completely waterproof and weather-resistant 8” subwoofer that’s perfect for installation in outdoor settings. You simply have to plug your current speaker system into these subwoofers to instantly boost their quality, making it incredibly easy to use and install. These subwoofers come equipped with inbuilt crossovers that can filter the low frequencies while your primary speaker system can focus on the mid and high frequencies.

This 8” subwoofer packs an enormous amount of power in such a small frame. Even though it’s ust 12″ x 12″ x 13” in dimensions, it can handle 10 to 250 watts of power, making it suitable for everything from small patios to large 1,000 square feet fields. Furthermore, it can produce sound at 88dB, which is as loud as the sound of garbage disposal or the sound of loud traffic.

This subwoofer is green in color so it also merges pretty well with backyards and outdoor settings. You can even set it up so that it camouflages with the surrounding and isn’t conspicuous. The entire device is made of weatherproof materials that can withstand snow storms, rain storms, and sudden changes in temperature. One of the best aspects of this subwoofer is that it’s an in-ground subwoofer. As such, you can even dig it down in the ground to make it even more inconspicuous and it still sounds perfect.

The only issue with this subwoofer is that some users have complained that it rattles and rumbles too much. The top part of the subwoofer holds the crossover circuitry and it tends to rumble quite a bit. This occurs because the screws holding the crossover circuitry sometimes come undone and start ratting around inside. However, this is a minor issue that’s only been reported by a few users. I personally never experienced this.


  • Extremely loud for its size.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Can be dug into the ground.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Suits outdoor settings.


  • Some users complain that the screws in the crossover circuitry come undone and start rattling.

2. NIles  GSS10

NIles GSS10 is a powerful in-ground 10” subwoofer. It’s made from uPVC, which is the same material used for plumbing and irrigation. Short for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, uPVC is strong, rigid, and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. It is recommended to bury it at a depth of 16” to 18” so you can only see the upper port tube, which you can paint to any color you want.

This subwoofer has a frequency range of 25 to 110 Hz with an 8-ohm impedance. And it has dimensions of 13” x 28-5/8” x 30-5/8”. As such, this subwoofer is quite large and weighs 25 pounds, however, since it’s buried underground, that’s not really an issue. This subwoofer can also be installed above ground. However, in that case, several users have reported that it causes rumbling around the house. Many users have also stated that installing this subwoofer outside causes the insides of the house to also rumble and shake because of the sheer power of the bass. So you might want to keep that in mind when you’re installing this subwoofer, and preferably bury them a little distant from your home.

You should also note that these are passive subwoofers so they cannot function independently. You’ll have to also purchase separate amplifiers to provide power to them. You need to, however, get amplifiers that are compatible with these subwoofers. If you use amplifiers that are too powerful, you might blow out their woofers soon.


  • Powerful 10” subwoofer.
  • Made from strong weather-resistant materials.
  • Has a great frequency range.
  • Can be installed above or underground.


  • Causes a lot of rumbling.
  • They’re passive subwoofers and need to be used in conjunction with compatible amplifiers.

3. Klipsch AWR-650-SM

Klipsch AWR-650-SM is the perfect outdoor subwoofer because it has been designed to look like a piece of rock. It actually looks pretty convincing as a rock so you can place it anywhere in your backyard and it will perfectly blend into the surroundings. The only drawback to that is that someone might actually mistake it for a rock and kick it or sit on it. The material is weatherproof and UV-resistant so it can withstand different temperature and weather conditions.

This Klipsch subwoofer is also pretty great when it comes to performance. This subwoofer is equipped with a 6.5” dual voice coil polymer woofer along with two 3/4” polymer dome tweeters. This enables you to play music through both left and right speakers with greater clarity and sharpness. However, if necessary, you can also optimize it for mono output if you need to connect several different Klipsch subwoofers for a party experience.

You should note that this isn’t just a subwoofer, but it’s a speaker as well. This is basically an entire package — a speaker that comes with its own dedicated subwoofers as well. Furthermore, it includes active subwoofers so you don’t need to connect it to an external amplifier to provide the power. You can also connect it to other speakers and use them together.

One of the things I found disappointing was the lack of bluetooth connectivity. Most music these days are played through speakers wirelessly via smartphones. However, with these outdoor subwoofers, you have to rely on a wired setup that decreases its versatility and functionality.

In terms of wiring, it has a whip cable coming out of the back that you need to splice to. Since it has a left and right side, there are four wires that you need to connect — two for the left and two for the right. You can also, however, use just two wires but that won’t sound as powerful as it does with four. A few people have had trouble with this wiring setup, but that’s a relatively small issue.


  • Looks like a rock, so it camouflages with the background.
  • Durable and weather-resistant.
  • Provides great clarity for left and right speakers.
  • Serves as both a speaker and a subwoofer.


  • No bluetooth.
  • Wiring can be a little complicated.

4. Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10 is an extremely powerful outdoor subwoofer that provides a strong bass with a powerful and clear low-end frequency range. It’s an active subwoofer with an inbuilt high-current amplifier. It is also equipped with a 10” polymer composite cone driver that can produce extremely deep bass. This subwoofer has an output of 50 watts to 100 watts, so it is powerful enough for large backyards.

This outdoor subwoofer has a non-resonant MDF frame with 0.75” baffles and an internal bracing system that can minimize distortions and bass resonance. As such, even in higher volumes, the bass won’t get so overpowering that you won’t be able to hear the music or lyrics. The entire frame has been designed to get rid of all distortions and standing waves. Furthermore, this outdoor subwoofer is also equipped with professional-grade line and speaker input/output that allows it to be connected to home theatre systems. It can integrate well with most home theatre systems to provide a low-end frequency punch.

In terms of aesthetic, it isn’t discrete and it hasn’t been designed with the intention of camouflaging it in the background. It looks like a proper subwoofer with a minimalist aesthetic. You can control the bass output by turning the knob around. This allows you to manage the bass to your exact needs and specifications. However, it is also equipped with compression circuitry that can limit and minimize all distortions even if you do crank up the bass as high as it can go.

All things considered, Polk Audio PSW10 is one of the best subwoofers if you want to amplify your speaker’s sound for a medium-sized backyard party. It has a sleek aesthetic and MDF cabinet that can reduce all distortions, but it looks completely like a subwoofer so you can’t camouflage or hide it. With dimensions of 14” x 14.38” x 16.12”, it is also quite large. But if clear and accurate sound and bass are all you care about, this is the best you can do.


  • Powerful enough for a large backyard.
  • Durable and weather-resistant.
  • Low distortions even on low-frequency range and high bass.
  • Strong bass.


  • Extremely large.
  • It will clearly stand out in an outdoor setting.

5. Yamaha YST-SW012

Yamaha YST-SW012 is one of the best outdoor subwoofers that can deliver a strong bass at a 100-watts power. It has a frequency response range of 28Hz to 200Hz, which is quite a wide range, and it can also be integrated with home theatre systems easily. You can connect it to an amplifier, receiver, or soundbar via an RCA port or cable. Being an active subwoofer, you can connect it directly to a power source.

This outdoor subwoofer is also equipped with an inbuilt 8” multi-range driver. And it comes with a linear port that can minimize distortions. The presence of magnetic shielding ensures that you don’t need to worry about TV wiring or cabling either. The bass produced is deep and resonant, it has especially powerful low-end effects and it generates a gentle rumble. All of these things considered, this is an incredibly powerful outdoor subwoofer that can be used for music, movies, and a wide range of other applications.

This subwoofer doesn’t have an auto on/off feature. However, when not in use, it shuts down all the processes so it doesn’t consume too much energy idly. It doesn’t hum or make any noise, and the only indication that it’s still on is a gentle green light at the back. As such, even if you forget to turn this subwoofer off, that won’t be an issue.

This subwoofer is 11.5” deep. However, when you also take into consideration the speaker grille on the front and the power-in jack, the total depth goes up to 14.5”. In terms of size, this is a moderately-sized subwoofer, but it still packs an enormous amount of power and bass within that frame. In terms of aesthetics, this subwoofer looks like a black box and it’s not meant to be camouflaged or inconspicuous.


  • Wide frequency range.
  • Easy to use and connect.
  • Low distortions.
  • You don’t need additional amplifiers.


  • Doesn’t have an auto on/off function.
  • Stands out very obviously in outdoor settings.

6. Polk Audio PSW505

Polk Audio PSW505 is one of the most powerful outdoor subwoofers on the market. This is a 12” active subwoofer with a high-current 300-watt power output. As such, it is strong enough to be used in large stadium-sized fields. With an incredible frequency range of 23 Hz to 160 Hz, this subwoofer is perfectly capable of reproducing lower-end bass notes with perfect sharpness. The biggest issue with subwoofers that go below 35Hz is that there’s port noise and the bass gets muddied. However, this subwoofer has several features in place to prevent that.

This subwoofer comes with an adjustable low-crossover, a phase switch, and a simple bass control that can help you customize the sound as you please. You have the option to amp up the bass to thunderous levels that will shake all surrounding objects, or you can turn the bass down completely so you can hear lyrics or dialogues clearly. It has a real wood finish along with a slot load venting design. This ensures that the overall bass is controlled and it helps contain distortions and rumbles. The subwoofer’s cabinet is made of solid MDF, which is yet another feature designed to minimize distortions and standing waves.

One of the best aspects of this subwoofer is the presence of the auto on/off switch. As such, it automatically gets turned on whenever your speaker system is turned on. Even if you forget to turn the subwoofers off manually, it will automatically turn off about 15 minutes after it stops detecting signals from your primary speakers. This also makes it quite energy efficient.

In terms of size, this subwoofer is quite large at 16-1/8″ H x 15-1/8″ W x 18-3/16″ D. However, that is only natural considering it has a 12” long throw driver. All things considered, this is one of the most powerful subwoofers with an extremely high power output and low-end frequency. In fact, it might even be overkill for simple everyday use.


  • 12” long throw driver.
  • 300-watt power output.
  • Powerful enough to be used in a large field.
  • Great frequency range.
  • Auto on/off.
  • Comes with an inbuilt amplifier.
  • Slot load venting.


  • Large in size.
  • At 56 pounds, it’s quite heavy.

7. Definitive Technology ProSub 1000

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 is a 10” active subwoofer with 300-watt power output. In addition to the 10” drive, it also has an inbuilt amplifier and sophisticated electronic crossover for the perfect bass experience. It can be integrated with any stereo or multi-channel audio systems and the resultant sound is heavy in bass and low in distortions.

It has a frequency response range of 18Hz to 150Hz, which is some of the lowest frequency on the lower-end available in subwoofers. However, you should note that the lowest end of this frequency range might cause quite a bit of rumble and distortions which will prevent you from listening to words or lyrics clearly.

In terms of construction, this subwoofer is made of mil-spec glass epoxy circuit boards and precision resistors and capacitors. This ensures high current reserves and the two protection circuits ensure that they can’t be overdriven. The best aspect of this subwoofer is the signal-sensing auto on/off feature. As such, whenever it senses the presence of your primary speaker system, it automatically comes on. And it also turns off automatically whenever the primary speaker is turned off for a few minutes. This makes it energy-efficient and there’s no constant hum when the subwoofers are turned on.


  • 300-watt output.
  • 10” long driver.
  • Wide frequency range.
  • Auto on/off feature available.


  • Generates considerable rumble and distortions at the lower end of the frequency range.

8. TIC GS50 Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Subwoofer

Homeowners, landscapers, and commercial contractors are going to be happy with this in-ground speaker that pumps 360° of omni-directional surround sound.

Regardless where you are in your patio or yard, be assured that your guests will hear the same dynamic sound and deep bass with this equally dispersed speakers. Its earthy green hue blends perfectly with your vegetation o lawn, while the weather-resistant casing protects it from the elements all year, including snow, rain, and other harsh temperatures.

The omni-directional sound is created by the reflecting cone. This eliminates the need for hotspots and enables the landscape to be engulfed in music. The omni-directional sound of the GS-series speakers will give an equal sound dispersion, allowing you to immerse yourself in a broad variety of landscapes with deep bass and a powerful melodic spectrum.

This 8-inch GS50 requires an amplifier as a passive (non-active) subwoofer and does not take a single LFE (Low Frequency Effect) connection as an input. The GS50 accepts conventional stereo connections and automatically separates the different bands of audio frequency thanks to an installed passive crossover.

The GS50 may be used with either a regular or a subwoofer amplifier. While a subwoofer amplifier improves music quality, it also prevents the satellite speaker functionality from functioning correctly. While DVC speakers (such as the GS4 and TFS12) can be connected to the GS50, we highly advocate utilizing conventional 8 speakers (such as the TFS5, TFS6, GS3, GS5, and so on) as satellite speakers.


  • Looks aesthetically pleasing in the ground
  • Can be heard in a distance


  • Requires amplifier
  • Not easy installing

9. TIC TFS25-SL 8” Outdoor Canyon Omnidirectional Rock Speaker

If you want the same realistic design as the TIC TFS12 but with an even better audio quality, the TFS25 is a must-have. This speaker is a strong contender for the best outdoor rock speaker category due to its great design, low price, and excellent sound quality!

The TIC range has amazing-looking speakers with a realistic design like no other. It’s so hard to tell it apart from the rocks. Although, just as the TFS12, the TFS25 is ideally positioned in a shaded location away from harsh weather, the overall design of both of these speaker systems is excellent.

The TIC TFS25 takes this concept a step further by delivering extremely high-quality sound in a small package. The TFS25 is small (12′′ x 13′′ x 14′′) and lightweight, making it easy to transport.

This outdoor system will produce true omnidirectional sound, so you won’t have to do it very frequently! The TIC TFS12 is fantastic, but the TFS25’s omnidirectional sound ensures that you get the very same high-quality sound no matter where you are located in your outdoor environment. Consider caring to the plants from one end of your yard while listening to music at the other.


  • Sound quality is good
  • Design is impressive
  • Price is pocket-friendly


  • Not the most long-lasting design

10. OSD Forza Outdoor Subwoofer

The OSD FORZA-10is a robust and discreet outdoor certified subwoofer that enriches outdoor sound systems by adding important bass notes for a more enriched surround sound impression. It is designed to blend into any outdoor location.

FORZA-10 has 300W and a 10″ polypropylene conical woofer, as well as a high intensity molded plastic housing with an ancient bronze finish. The FORZA-10 is really weather-resistant, with an IP66 rating that means it is tightly sealed and guarded against dirt and grime, along with strong water jets like sprinklers.

Its distinctive curving design and down-firing outlet make it the perfect enhancement to patios and porches, but it may be used anywhere the speaker wire is routed. However, for best results, we recommend putting this subwoofer on a pavement or firm surface.

The FORZA-10 also has an integrated eye bolt that lets you secure it to a spot that will prevent theft by keeping it securely in position. Pair this outdoor subwoofer with a mono subwoofer amplifier and create an outdoor music system that can match your indoor one.


  • IP66 certified and resistant to sprinklers, dirt and dust
  • Tolerates extreme heat, rain and snow conditions
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing


  • Not as pocket-friendly

Which Factors to Consider when Buying Outdoor Subwoofers?

The following are the main factors to consider when buying outdoor subwoofers.


Where will you install the outdoor subwoofers? How large is the space that you want to provide sound for? The larger the space, the more powerful the subwoofers required, which is determined by the size of the cone. For large parties, you should get subwoofers with 6.5” to 8” cones.


The wattage determines the potential for an increase in volume and overall sound coverage at specific volumes. A pair of 60-watt outdoor subwoofers are perfect for spaces less than 300 square feet. Meanwhile, 80-watt or 100-watt speakers are suitable for spaces between 300 to 500 square feet in size. If you are providing power for over 1000 square feet of space, you might want to get powerful subwoofers with 250+ watts.


Subwoofers with lower frequencies generally have more bass, which causes the rumble effect. You need to strike the right balance of bass. If there is too much bass and rumble, it will distract from the music itself and you won’t be able to hear the lyrics or dialogues. Meanwhile, if there’s too little bass, the music will feel flat.

Basically, you should look for subwoofers that can complement your existing speakers without being a distraction.

Low Distortion

Leading from the previous point, you need subwoofers with low distortions. Most poor-quality subwoofers have a distortion level of 25% to 30%, which can adversely impact the clarity of sound. So look for subwoofers with the lowest possible distraction.


I hope this article has helped you figure out which is the best outdoor subwoofer for you. So go ahead and enjoy the best sound clarity and keep your guests entertained!