Best Smart Dimmers & Light Switches

6 Best Smart Dimmers & Light Switches for Your Home

Do you want to be able to turn your lights on or off remotely from your smartphone? To control the lights just with your voice? Or be able to control the lights from your bed while you’re going to sleep? If so, you should consider smartening up your dimmers and switches.

Smart dimmers and light switches can do all that and so much more, making your lives a whole lot more convenient. Furthermore, they can also automatically dim the lights so that you can set a mood or prevent the harsh glares from bright lights.

Smart dimmers and light switches are like normal light switches hooked to the wall. However, instead of turning the lights on and off manually, you can control them via voice commands or through your smartphone.

Smart Dimmers and Light Switches also allow you to set schedules for when the lights should come on and go off. The schedules can usually be set according to time, sunset or sunrise, weather conditions, or various other factors.

Finally, Smart Dimmers and Light Switches should also be able to interact with your other smart devices in order to execute complex chains of commands that can trigger other devices as well.

However, there are a whole lot of smart dimmers and light switches on the market. And all of them come with their unique set of features and specifications, so you have to be careful to purchase a device that’s suitable for your needs.

In this article, I’ll give you an overview of some of the best smart dimmers and light switches on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Best Smart Dimmers & Light Switches

1. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is known for making some of the most intelligent smart lighting devices on the market. However, they really have outdone themselves with their smart dimmer and light switch.

The Philips Hue smart dimmer and light switch is the best in the business because it’s completely wireless and battery-powered. As such, you don’t need to fret about any wiring or screwing, like you have to with most smart light switches. You can install it DIY style without any professional help.

This smart dimmer is made of two components — the wall plate and the light switch. The two are magnetically connected to each other. As such, you can attach the light switch to the wall plate so it functions like a regular switch. But, since there are no wires, you can also take it apart and use it as a remote from anywhere you want. Even the wall plate has to be attached using adhesive strips, so you don’t need to screw the wall plate either.

Now, you might be wondering, so how does the switch control the lights if they’re not wired? That’s where Philips Hue has a slight setback. This Philips Hue smart dimmer and light switch can only control and operate other Hue bulbs and bridge. As such, you can’t use them to turn your regular bulbs into smart lights. You can only use them to complement your Hue bulbs. That makes it extremely limited in application and more expensive than most smart light switches.

As soon as you pull the plastic tab from the remote, an orange light will indicate that it’s ready to be connected. If you don’t have a Hue Bridge (the Hue hub) installed, you can control up to 10 Hue bulbs automatically. However, if you also have the Hue Bridge, you can control up to 50 Hue bulbs. Once the Hue switch is active, you can simply go to the Hue app, select the Dimmer, and they’ll get paired automatically.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer has four buttons — On, Off, Brighter, and Dimmer. These are fairly simple and even those who aren’t technologically adept will be able to use these buttons to turn the lights on/off or turn the brightness up or down.

However, in conjunction with the app, you can set up the remote for added functionality as well. You can input up to five different lighting states that can be toggled depending on the number of times you press the On button in the remote. For example, you can group several of the lights in a single zone and activate that if you press the On button twice. You can set up a different group of lights for three presses of the On button. And so forth till you’ve set up all five lighting states. This allows you to set up various lighting zones around the house so you can control them easily.

The biggest issue with setting up the zones is that each smart light switch can only control the lights in two rooms at once. If you want to control more than two rooms simultaneously, you’ll have to get another switch.

A recurring issue with this Philips Hue smart dimmer and light switch is that you might encounter various errors without being offered an explanation for the error. For example, while setting up the lighting states, I couldn’t save my settings. As I eventually found it, the error occurred because the timezone in my Hue Bridge was set up incorrectly. When these errors occur, you have to try and figure out what the problem is yourself, which can be quite inconvenient for most people.

As advanced as this smart dimmer and light switch already is, it can be made even smarter if you configure it with a third-party app called iConnectHue. That app allows you to set up specific commands for it to interact with other smart devices in your home as well. You can trigger these additional functions by holding down the buttons in the remote or through various features in the app. However, it would have been nice for Philips Hue to provide these additional features in their primary app.


  • Completely wireless.
  • Can be used on the wall or as a remote.
  • No need for professional help.
  • Can set up multiple zones.
  • Wide range of advanced functions.


  • Can only work with Hue bulbs.
  • Has an extremely limited ecosystem.
  • You need to also have a Hue Bridge to access most of its features.
  • A single switch can only control the lights in two rooms.
  • Need a third-party app to access advanced features.
  • Poor troubleshooting.

2. Leviton Decora DH6HD-1BZ

Leviton Decora DH6HD-1BZ is a smart dimmer and light switch that looks and functions like a traditional light switch. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, which means you can also control it from Apple’s Home App or through Siri voice commands. However, unlike most other smart light switches on the market, it’s not compatible with other smart home standards like Alexa, Google Home, or even IFTTT. As such, Leviton Decora DH6HD-1BZ is perfect for those with an Apple-centric smart home ecosystem, but it’s not suitable for most other people.

Installing this smart switch is just as simple as installing any other switch. You have to flip the breaker off, make the wire connections, and then screw everything back in place. The product comes with a thorough walkthrough guide on how to install the switch. But if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, get professional help.

In terms of design, this smart light switch might appeal to some but not to others. It looks, feels, and works like a traditional light switch so you won’t have to adapt to it. However, the button is stiff and makes a clicking sound when you press it. There is also a slight delay between the action and execution of the command. The worst part, however, is that the dimmer doesn’t provide a seamless fading effect like in advanced light switches. Instead, it provides seven dimming gradations for a choppy effect.

The best part of this smart dimmer and light switch is that it works with three-way setups. This allows you to connect several switches to the same light, a feature that isn’t available in some advanced smart lights either. Leviton Decora DH6HD-1BZ also doesn’t need to be connected to a smart hub because it connects directly to the router and uses WiFi.

While the manual controls might be clunky, this smart light switch has great smartphone controls. You can control it either via the Leviton app, through your Apple’s home app, or simply through Siri voice commands. Syncing this smart switch to the HomeKit is pretty simple — you just have to enter the eight digit number at the bottom of the switch. Syncing it with the Leviton app is also seamless because the app automatically scans for it and connects immediately.

Using the Leviton app, you can turn the smart switch on or off, set schedules, or control the dimmer. Unlike the manual controls, you can control the dimmers more seamlessly with the smartphone app. You can also control the fade speed. You can also group several lights together and create zones that you can control together.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a smart dimmer and light switch that’s native to the Apple ecosystem and bridges the gap between smart light switches and traditional light switches, then Leviton Decora DH6HD-1BZ is the ideal choice. The only major drawback is the clunky nature of the manual switch and its controls. But why would someone even care about that if they can simply control the device remotely?


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri.
  • Functions like a traditional switch.
  • Can connect directly to the WiFi without a smart hub.
  • Works with three-way setups.
  • Efficient smartphone app.
  • Can create multiple zones and groups of lights.


  • Limited compatibility since it doesn’t work with IFTTT, Alexa, or any other smart home standards.
  • Rigid button.
  • Latency issues with the lights.
  • Dimming isn’t seamless.

3. Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A

Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A is an in-wall smart dimmer and light switch that works with just about all smart home devices and platforms out there. It’s perfectly compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Nest, Wink, IFTTT, and most other smart home standards.

A Lutron Caseta kit is thrice as expensive as most other smart light switches. The pricing, however, is justified considering it comes with two smart light switches and a mandatory Lutron Bridge. Furthermore, it’s also far more advanced in terms of functionality than all other smart light switches on the market.

Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A looks and feels like a smart light switch and it is available in a wide range of colors and tones. The buttons at the top and bottom can be used to achieve maximum and minimum brightness levels respectively. The buttons in between can be used to gradually fade in and out of the brightness.

In terms of installation, Lutron Caseta is pretty straightforward. You have to connect the Lutron Bridge to your router via an Ethernet cable. Following that you have to install the Lutron app to your smartphone and pair the switches to the Bridge by holding down a button. The whole process can be completed in a few minutes. However, when it comes to installing the switches into the walls, you might need some tools or professional help.

The Lutron switches communicate with each other via the Bridge using a “Clear Connect” wireless protocol. This can enhance their connectivity and minimize all interferences. Most smart light switches have a little bit of a lag between the command and execution. However, the presence of the Lutron Bridge essentially eliminates all interruptions and latencies. If you have the Wink Hub, you can use that to control the switches as well. But I would recommend sticking to Lutron Bridge because the Wink Hub won’t allow you to connect to Apple HomeKit.

The Lutron smartphone app is every bit as smart, efficient, and functional as the rest of the Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A kit. The home screen has functions that allow you to control individual lights or a group of lights with the tap of a single button. When you’re setting up the Lutron app, you’ll have to name all the lights so you can control them individually. Following that, you can set up multiple zones and groups for the lights as well. For example, you can group all the lights downstairs together. As such, when you go to bed, you can simply use a single command to turn them all of simultaneously.

In addition to the Lutron App, you can also access these features from the Apple Home app for iOS devices. If you already have various other smart devices connected to the Apple HomeKit, you can use the Home app to control all of them from a single location.

My favorite Lutron Caseta smart light feature is geofencing. Basically, you can set it up so that the lights automatically come on and off based on your phone’s location. As such, you can set it up so all the light automatically turn off when you leave your home. You can also set up smart schedules according to time, sunrise or sunset, and other factors. Furthermore, your geofencing can interact with the schedules to provide extremely smart functions. For example, you can set up a chain of commands so that all the lights in the Kitchen turn on automatically whenever you enter that space (with your phone) at night time.

You can also use IFTTT protocol and app to set up chains of commands for how the smart light switch should interact with your other smart devices. You can set up commands for the lights to interact with your security system, motion sensors, thermostats, locks, or other smart home devices.

The only feature lacking in this incredibly smart device is custom fade. Some advanced smart light switches have the ability to control the speed with which the lights fade on or off at specific times. This isn’t a major feature, but its absence is very notable in one of the most expensive smart light switches on the market.

All things considered, Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A is undoubtedly the most advanced smart dimmer and light switch on the market. The switches communicate with each other and there are no latencies. The manual functioning of the switch is smart and seamless. It has the widest range of features on the market and it’s compatible with all the smart home devices and platforms out there.

If you have a large home and you’re looking for the smartest light integrations possible, this is the one for you. But if you’re just looking for simple features and basic functionality, this will be an overkill.


  • Compatible with almost all smart home devices and platforms.
  • A single kit comprises two switches and a bridge.
  • The manual switch is user-friendly and well-designed.
  • Clear Connect provides seamless wireless communication.
  • Lutron is extremely effective and functional.
  • Can set up geofencing.
  • Can set up smart schedules.
  • IFTTT enables complex interactions with other smart devices.


  • Extremely expensive.
  • The bridge is mandatory.
  • Custom fade feature not available.

4. Belkin WeMo F7C059

Belkin WeMo F7C059 is an extremely user-friendly and stylish smart dimmer and light switch. It’s user-friendly and it can connect directly to your WiFi network without a smart hub. This smart light switch is also compatible with the most popular smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. However, if you want to use it with HomeKit, you’ll also need a Belkin WeMo Bridge.

In terms of design, none can beat Belkin WeMo F7C059. It has a screw-less faceplate with an on/off button located at the bottom. It also has a multicolored light under the switch that glows when it’s turned on and the lights also guide you through the installation process.

Belkin WeMo F7C059 is generally quite simple to install because it comes with detailed instructions and all the wires have been labeled for novices. However, there are two main drawbacks with the installation.

First, it requires a neutral wire to work, which isn’t available in all homes (especially ones with older wiring). If that’s the case, you should either get another smart light switch or you’ll have to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring system.

Second, Belkin WeMo F7C059 can only replace a single pole switch and it isn’t compatible with 3-way switches. This means that you can’t control a set of lights from two different switches in your home. Many other smart light switches —like the aforementioned Lutron Caseta — have this feature. So its absence is perplexing.

If you are fine with the aforementioned issues, then this smart light switch is the best dimmer on the market. It provides the most gradual gradation and fade effect since it’s equipped with a dimmable setting that ranges from 0 to 100. As such, you can get the light to be exactly as bright or dim as you want.

Most smart light switches have a seamless dimming gradation with smartphone apps, but few of them have been able to master it in terms of manual operation. In most cases, you have to press the dimmer button repeatedly to change the brightness.

However, in Belkin WeMo F7C059, you simply have to run your fingers through a touch-sensitive groove at the center of the light switch. The groove is surrounded with small indicator lights that can show you which level of brightness you have achieved. If you run your fingers up, you increase the brightness. And if you run your fingers down, you decrease the brightness. This is the most seamless dimmer I have ever come across.

You can also control this smart dimmer and light switch from the WeMo app. The app can be used to control all your WeMo devices from a single location. If you have a Belkin WeMo Bridge, you can also connect Apple HomeKit and control the lights from your Apple Home app.

The scheduling in the smartphone app is pretty specific. In addition to setting up times when the light should come on, you can also set up specific brightness levels for different times. You can also use the Night Mode to keep the lights at a low brightness level during certain hours. The Away Mode is particularly useful because it turns the lights on and off throughout the day to give an illusion that you’re still at home, which can dissuade potential intruders or robbers from entering your home.

Belkin WeMo F7C059 is also compatible with IFTTT so you can make it interact with other smart devices in your home and set up complex chains of commands. You can also configure commands that can be executed upon pressing the switch buttons for a long period.

All things considered, Belkin WeMo F7C059 is an extremely advanced smart light switch with a function-heavy app. It’s also compatible with most smart home devices. In terms of functionality, it doesn’t have geofencing or the kind of advanced scheduling available in Lutron Caseta BDG-PKG2W-A. But it makes up for that with the most seamless dimming capabilities. The only issue is with installation since it requires a neutral wire and only replaces a single-pole switch.


  • Connects to WiFi directly without a smart hub.
  • Extremely sleek and stylish.
  • 0 to 100 dimness gradations.
  • Touch-sensors for dimness adjustment in the switch.
  • Smart scheduling available.
  • Compatible with IFTTT.


  • Requires neutral wire for installation.
  • Isn’t compatible with 3-way switches.
  • No geofencing.

5. Ecobee Switch+

Ecobee Switch+ is an incredibly innovative smart dimmer and light switch that has an inbuilt Alexa and motion sensors. If you care for advanced features and functionality, this is the best smart light switch for you.

Installing Ecobee Switch+ is the same as installing any other smart light switch. You turn off the power, take off the wall plate from your light switch, and connect your smart light switch into the fixture.

When it comes to setting it up and integrating it with your smart home, Ecobee Switch+ has a bit of an issue. It’s easy to connect it to Apple HomeKit and access all the features available in the Apple Home app. But if you connect it to HomeKit, the device gets a little confused and you can’t simultaneously connect it to the Ecobee app to access its smart features. As such, it’s better to go through the Ecobee setup and connect it to the app, and then link to HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

The smart light switch comes with an inbuilt Alexa functionality so you can communicate with it directly even without a separate Alexa device. As such, the switch is equipped with a speaker and a light strip for Alexa. The switch itself has the traditional on/off light switch and an on/off switch for Alexa as well. In terms of design, it’s not particularly attractive, but that’s understandable because it crams in a number of features and accessories in a really compact space.

While Ecobee Switch+ isn’t great in terms of installation or design, its features and unparalleled. My favorite feature for regular use is Smart On and Smart Off. The Smart On feature automatically detects when the lights have gone down and it turns the lights on. As such, this feature can automatically turn specified lights on when the sun goes down. The Smart Off feature automatically turns the lights off if the motion sensors detect that no one has been in the room for a while. This also helps conserve a lot of energy.

This smart light switch is also equipped with a smart night light that gets triggered when you walk past it. As such, if you’re walking past the switch at night, it provides some guiding light for you to navigate. Due to the motion sensors, Ecobee Switch+ can be a lot smarter and automatic in its functionality than other smart light switches for which you have to set up a complex chain of commands. In this case, you don’t need to bother with smart schedules and complex commands. As such, Ecobee Switch+ is the most user-friendly advanced smart light switch.

Since the switch has an integrated Alexa, you can also use it for typical Alexa stuff like setting timers, weather reports, and controlling other smart devices in your home. The biggest issue with Ecobee Switch+, however, is that it’s not a dimmer. You can’t use it to adjust the smart light’s brightness levels.

All things considered, if you want extremely advanced functionality while having to play with minimal settings and configurations, then Ecobee Switch+ is the way to go. It’s one of the few only smart light switches that’s got an integrated Alexa and motion sensors. Sure, it lacks certain features like smart scheduling and geofencing, but the motion sensors make up for their lack. The only big drawbacks you’ll have to contend with are the clunky installation process, the ugly design, and the lack of dimmers.


  • Integrated Alexa functionality.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Smart On/Off functions.
  • Smart Night Light.
  • Compatible with most smart home devices.


  • Clunky setup process.
  • Design is ugly and cramped.
  • Lacks features like smart scheduling and geofencing.
  • It is not a dimmer.

6. Switchmate Rocker

Most smart dimmers and light switches are pretty expensive for a lot of people. But Switchmate Rocker is a great smart light switch that’s available at a rate that most people can afford. This smart light is entirely powered by AA batteries and it is magnetic in nature so it clings on to your existing light plate. So you basically just have to snap it over your existing switch plate and that’s it. As far as installation is concerned, it can’t get any simpler than this.

However, being battery-powered also has its drawbacks. Since it is battery-powered, it uses low-power Bluetooth for connectivity rather than WiFi. So you can only control this smart light from your smartphone if you’re within 150 feet of the smart light switch. You can’t control it when you’re away from home. As such, this smart light offers convenience but it doesn’t have the same kind of functionality as most smart devices.

Furthermore, this smart light also doesn’t have any dimmers and it doesn’t work with any other smart home devices or third-party platforms like Alexa, HomeKit, Nest, etc. This makes Switchmate Rocker an extremely bare-bones smart light switch.

In terms of design, Switchmate Rocker measures 4.9” x 2.5” so it’s slightly bigger than a traditional switch plate. The switch on the device is available in a toggle or rocker style, you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with. It can only be fitted on 1-gang switches. You can attach it on multi-gang switch plates as well, but the device’s construction isn’t narrow enough to fit multiple switches side-by-side. This makes the installation a little odd because you have to either find a single-gang switch in your house or attach it individually over a multi-gang switch plate.

You might be wondering, how does it control the lights if it’s not hardwired? The magnetized switch you attach to the switch plate has an adapter at the back. The adapter has to be connected to the underlying switch. As such, when you toggle the switch on or off — either manually or remotely — the adapter moves up or down, turning the light on or off.

To control the switch remotely, you have to download the Switchmate app and simply wait for it to detect the device. The whole process shouldn’t take any longer than a few minutes. Like the light switch, the app is also extremely bare-bones and you can control up to 12 Switchmate Rockers with a single smartphone app. When you’re within bluetooth range, you can use the app to move the adapter located behind the switch in order to turn the light on or off. This process is quite reliable but it’s also very loud.

You can also set timers for the smart light switch. As such, during those specific times, the motor will automatically get engaged and it will turn the lights on or off. However, since the device only works in close proximity, you have to set the timer when you’re home.

Switchmate Rocker is one of the most bare-bones smart light switches on the market. It doesn’t have dimmers and it’s not compatible with any smart home devices or platforms. All it can do is turn your lights on or off remotely and set basic timers. As such, you should only consider it if you want an extremely cheap smart light switch for the singular purpose of remotely controlling the lights in close proximity.


  • Extremely cheap.
  • Battery-operated.
  • Can simply be attached over the switch plate without any screws or wires.


  • Limited functionality.
  • No WiFi compatibility.
  • Can’t integrate with other smart home devices.
  • You need to be within 150 feet to control it.
  • Only compatible with 1-gang switches.

Why do I need Smart Dimmers & Light Switches?

Smart Dimmers & Light Switches have a number of useful benefits:

  • You can simply use your smartphone or voice to control the lights from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to manually turn the switches on and off.
  • Schedules can be set to automate the lights.
  • You can dim the lighting whenever you want.
  • They can provide security. For example, you can make them interact with motion sensors in your smart security system so the lights turn on whenever there’s some motion. This can scare away potential intruders.
  • Smart lights are also extremely energy efficient. Because they can be controlled remotely and through schedules, you can make sure that you never leave your lights on when you’re away from home. Furthermore, you can use the energy reports (provided by some devices) to optimize your energy usage. As such, smart light switches can also be energy and cost-effective.

Which Factors to Consider when Buying Smart Dimmers & Light Switches?

Like most smart devices, different companies and brands design smart dimmers and light switches with varying features and specifications. The following are some factors to consider when buying smart dimmers and light switches.


It’s incredibly important to consider the smart dimmer and light switch’s connectivity. Some can be connected only through WiFi whereas some work with Bluetooth as well.

WiFi connection is suitable for those who want to access their smart dimmers and light switches from distant places. You can literally control the device from halfway across the world. Bluetooth, in comparison, only works in close quarters.


Check to see whether the smart dimmer and light switch is compatible with all Voice Control devices and platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

You should also make a note of all the smart home devices and platforms in your home and check if the smart dimmer is compatible with all of them. Compatibility is important because that will allow you to make the smart light switches interact with other devices.

You should also make sure that the smart dimmer or light switch is compatible with IFTTT (If This, Then That). This is a program that will allow you to create complex rules and commands for how various smart devices should interact in relation to each other in different situations. For example, if the motion sensor is triggered at a certain time, you can program the lights to automatically turn on.


You should make sure that the smart light switch is easy to use and that it’s designed well. Some of them are incredibly bulky and may be hard to operate manually.


Smart light switches come in various different shapes and sizes. You should find a switch that can neatly fit into the space you have. Try to find a smart switch that’s compact in size.


How many light switches does the smart dimmer and light switch setup have? Some only accommodate one switch whereas some can also accommodate up to 4 switches. You should consider how many lights you want to connect to that light switch and purchase accordingly.


Smart Dimmers and light Switches should obviously have great dimming abilities. Find one that can provide great versatility and flexibility in terms of dimming so you can make the lights as bright or dim as you want.


All smart dimmers and light switches have the ability to set schedules. But the smartness of these schedules differs between different devices. Some smart dimmers and light switches can only set schedules based on time. However, some can also set schedules based on days, weeks, sunrise or sunset, weather, or the status of other smart home devices.

Additional Features

In addition to the aforementioned essential features, various smart dimmers and light switches are also equipped with additional non-essential features. These include things like voice activation, provision of energy reports, customizability, and so much more. So study these and get ones that offer you the most number of features.


You will be using your smartphone app to control the smart light switches and all their features. Whether you are checking the energy reports, setting schedules, or using the dimmers, everything can be done from the smartphone app. So make sure the smartphone app is easy to use and there are no latency issues.

Smart Light Switches vs. Smart Light Bulbs

A lot of people wonder what’s the point of getting smart switches when you can simply get smart light bulbs. It’s true that smart light bulbs are easy to install and control.

However, if you want to turn all the lights in your home into smart lights, you will be better off with smart light switches. That’s because smart light bulbs are relatively expensive so getting several of them will drain your savings considerably.

Compared to that, you can only get a few smart light switches to control all of the lights in your house. This can be a whole lot cheaper than installing multiple smart light bulbs.

How to Install a Smart Light Switch?

Smart light switches are generally pretty easy to install and you can handle it DIY-style. But you should only attempt to install the smart light switch yourself if you have some experience handling electrical equipment and wiring.

If you decide to do it DIY-style, you’ll need the following tools and equipment:

  • Head screwdriver.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • A smart light switch that’s compatible with your home’s wiring.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Wire connectors.
  • Electrical tape.

If you are not confident about handling your home’s wiring, you should hire a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Dimmers and Light Switches?

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about smart dimmers and light switches.

Can Smart Dimmers and Light Switches be used outside?

Most smart dimmers and light switches are only suitable for indoor use. However, some manufacturers use rugged and durable products and make their switches waterproof and weatherproof.

If you are looking for a smart light switch for outdoor use, try to find one that has a weatherproof rating of IP55 or more.

Are Smart Light Switches energy-efficient?

Smart Light Switches can be controlled from anywhere at any time. As such, if you forget to turn your lights off while leaving the house, you can turn them off remotely. You can also set them up to turn off automatically at specific times.

Some smart dimmers and light switches also come with energy consumption reports. As such, you can study how much energy you’re spending on different lights and modify your use accordingly.

These features make smart light switches extremely energy-efficient.

Are Smart Light Switches safe?

Smart Light Switches are completely safe as they go into the same home wiring setup as all your regular switches. Just be sure to get a smart light switch from a certified seller.

Can Smart Dimmers and Light Switches be controlled from multiple phones?

Different Smart Dimmers and Light Switches have different specifications. Some manufacturers allow several devices to control the switches simultaneously, as long as they have the relevant app. And some manufacturers put a cap on the number of devices that can control the devices, mostly to avoid confusion.

When you’re purchasing the smart dimmer or light switch, look at its specifications and make sure it can be controlled by all the devices you’re using.

Are Smart Dimmers and Light Switches compatible with all phones?

Most smart dimmers and light switches can work with all smartphones, as long as you have the necessary app installed. However, some manufacturers make their devices exclusive to Apple or Android phones. Check to see if the device has an iOS or Android app available to make sure.

Are Smart Dimmers and Light Switches also manually operational?

Yes, Smart Dimmers and Light Switches can also be operated manually just like regular switches.

What if my WiFi network connection is unstable or patchy?

Most WiFi routers have a limit on the number of devices that can connect to them at a time. Make sure you haven’t connected more devices than the acceptable limit. If you find that your WiFi is unstable because of this issue, you can upgrade your router or start using a smart hub.

If the connection is patchy purely because of the WiFi connection and speed, make sure there are no obstructions between your router and your smart light switch. Objects — especially metallic objects — can obstruct WiFi signals.

If that doesn’t work out, you’ll simply have to upgrade your WiFi and get one that’s more stable and faster.


I hope this article has helped you figure out which is the best smart dimmer and light switch for your needs and your home. Now that you’re armed with that information, you can finally go ahead and turn your home into a modern smart home!