Best Christmas Laser Lights

15 Best Christmas Laser Lights in 2022

With the festive season being such a busy period in our lives, why not, start to prepare now, and plan your laser light show? I’m a big fan of all things festive so getting the chance to write this article was like Christmas come early for me! If you love to make your home the talk of the neighborhood at this special time of year then read on folks, I have it all covered. I like the way that you can bring a little cheer to people’s lives just by turning on a few lights; plus it makes me happy! There is, however, one downside that you’ll have encountered with your electric lights: they take an age to put up.

If you’ve spent many a weekend trying to string up your lights only to have to replace a blown bulb I have the perfect idea for you. Laser lights are the way of the future folks and with good reason! I used my first set last year, and I already have big plans for Christmas 2018. They’re completely safe, they look amazing, and you can install them in a couple of minutes. The only question is where to start?

Well, luckily for you I’ve already done the hard yards for you and found the 15 best on the market right now. All you have to do is decide which one you want to add to your home and you’ll be up and running. Let’s dive right in and take a look at the first entry on my list.

Best Christmas Laser Lights Projector

1. Star Shower As Seen on TV Motion Laser Lights Star Projector

With a name like this how could I leave it off my list? These guys have been in the industry for what seems like forever so I was super keen to put them through their paces. Here’s what I thought of their latest offering folks…

Simple one-click operation makes turning them on a real event

The ease of use has to be the first thing I mention here because it turns the big switch on into a real event. Pick a loved one to work their magic, and you’ll see everyone’s eyes light up the moment the button is pushed. Ideal for adding another fun tradition to this special time of year with your family.

Use just 1% of the power of an equivalent display using electric lights!

The efficiency of these things is something I’m very impressed with. Electric lights are nice pieces of kit, but they can quickly drain your bank account this time of year. Laser lights use a fraction of the electricity and create something amazing; for me, it’s a no-brainer! If you want to add some festive cheer while also helping out the environment, then I wouldn’t look anywhere else folks!

Daylight sensor turns your lights on automatically at night and off again when the sun rises

The daylight sensor is a smart piece of kit that enables your lights to look after themselves. By turning on and off as the sun sets and rises it allows you to focus on cooking a perfect turkey and wrapping a mountain of presents. It’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

I didn’t have to even think about getting my ladders out of the garage which was awesome

The ladders stayed in the garage and got a well-earned rest which was great. No one really wants to be climbing up them in the snow, do they? Even worse, one year my lights partially fell off, so I had to climb up in the morning and reattach them. With these little beauties sat safely on my lawn all I had to do was scoop a handful of snow off them, and they were good to go for another day. Highly recommended for those of you who just want something that works without any hassle!

2. Christmas Laser Lights Outdoor RGB Moving Stars Garden Laser Light

This is an instant festive classic if ever there were one so I couldn’t wait to take a look at it. Here are my thoughts for your consideration my friends…

The RGB color combination offers a great way to light up your home this Christmas

Having the three primary colors at your disposal was great because a lot of devices skip blue. That gives you plenty of new options for coming up with cool shows that will spread cheer throughout the neighborhood. After all, it’s what this time of year is all about isn’t it folks!

12-month warranty comes as standard which shows they care about their customers

I love that everything they sell comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. It shows that they stand by the quality of their products which is fantastic. I also always think that it shows that a company cares about its customers. At this time of year, there’s nothing more important than making people happy, so this was a nice little touch in my opinion.

Multiple timer options give you 2, 4, or 6 hours long light shows in the evening

The timer options are great because it allows you to customize things with the click of a button. I used the 6 hours setting the most because that worked for what I wanted to achieve. Having the flexibility to change things up is great, I think you’re going to make a lot of use of it.

The remote control makes turning on your lights and performing super easy which is great

The remote is like the cherry on top if you ask me, folks. It’s really handy to be able to change your show without having to climb a ladder or venture out into the snow. Perfect for sitting by a roaring fire and making the most of your time with your loved ones.

Best Christmas Laser Light for Images


3. Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead

Laser magic is what these things are all about. Let’s jump right in and take a look at how they got on when I put them to the ultimate field test…

2 in every pack which is great for taking your light show to the next level this season

With every package containing two of these little beauties, you should have plenty of options when it comes time to light up the neighborhood. That is especially useful if you want to light up multiple sided of your home as I tried. There’s little extra work in turn on two of them than just one. Something you can’t say about the old school electric lights and meters of fairy lights from days gone by.

Choice of green or red is great for adding that all important festive cheer to your home

The two colors that these things come in are the epitome of the festive season. Green holly leaves and red-breasted robins are what we all think of when Santa is nearby. If you want to be able to add some festive cheer to your home with the click of a button, then these are the two shades that you need.

Covers up to 3200 square feet, a spec I’d find hard to beat

The display coverage is very impressive; just picture how big 3200 square feet is! It means that you’ll be able to make your home the talk of the neighborhood. And all with a setup that will take a couple of minutes from the moment the box lands on your front porch. Ideal if you want to power through your Christmas decorating so that you can sit back and relax on Christmas Eve.

Comes with six built-in laser images so you can put the finishing touches, to your show

The laser images are an extremely nice touch because they allow you to take your light-show to the next level. It’s all about doing something a little different to the neighbors so that you can make your home really stand out. Images are the way to do that if you ask me, folks. Vary them up and have a different one each day and you’ll be the talk of the street in no time at all!

4. Star Night Laser Shower Christmas Lights

Now this is a cool name isn’t it guys? I couldn’t wait to get a hold of this thing and was waiting with bated breath for it to land on my front step. When it finally did I wasted no time in putting it through its paces to see what it could do…

Holographic laser light means you never have to dust off your ladders ever again!

Not having to get my ladders out was a real relief if I’m honest. It’s no one’s favorite job, and it gets tricky when you have to find stuff to tie your light nets too. By being able to pop one of these in my front in and get it angled right in a couple of minutes, I saved the best part of an entire day. When you have people visiting and friends to go and see this can be a real timesaver, my friend!

7 different color modes gives you plenty of ways to freshen things up during the holidays

The color modes are fantastic and are a great way of keeping things fresh. I cycled through them every couple of days so that I never got bored of one display. It was straightforward to do and didn’t require any complicated programming on my part which was a relief. If you want your lights to just work straight out of the box, then this could be a great little purchase. Read on for more of my thoughts…

Fully waterproof power adaptor is included which is a nice touch that makes things easier

I love that it comes with a waterproof power adaptor as standard. I put a lot of stock in electrical safety because it’s something that is very important from a health and safety standpoint. If you want the peace of mind that you’re using something that is up to the job, then this could be a great option. Especially good, if you consider that we’re all dreaming of a white Christmas…

Comes with an integrated lawn stake, so all you have to do is push it into the ground

The lawn stake is a nice touch to draw your attention to at the end of my review of this one. By being able to push it straight into your lawn, you don’t have to fiddle about trying to mount it. Ideal if you want something plug and play that you can set up in 2 minutes or less. If I can manage it, then I know you certainly can!

5. 2 Color Motion Laser Light Star Projector

This is a piece of kit that I’d heard a lot about so I couldn’t wait to take a closer look. Here are my thoughts for your consideration folks…

Simple remote control makes changing your light show as easy as it gets

The remote control is a welcome little addition to the overall package because it meant I could change the display from the couch. Ideal if you want to put on a show but don’t want to venture out into the cold. I found it super useful, so I hope you do too.

Fully waterproofed design means it is perfect for your white Christmas

The design is waterproofed from top to bottom which is reassuring for a safety geek like me. With lots of people visiting and plenty of little ones playing in the front yard at this time of year you just can’t put a price on peace of mind. I love that you get explicit reassurance that this thing has everything covered. I certainly wouldn’t worry about a sudden deluge of snow this Christmas!

Timer allows you to have a show that runs smoothly in the background as you relax

The timer options are not only convenient, but they’re also really easy to use. That was great because it allowed me to keep my displays varied without having to fiddle with them every couple of hours. If you want something, you can setup and forget then this could be worth a closer look.

Covers 3900 square feet to put on a show for the whole neighborhood

The coverage is right up there with the very best that you’ll find on this list. At close to 4000 square feet it will cover a larger area than some apartments have floor space! If you want to light up the neighborhood and make your home into a Santa’s grotto this year, then I think you can. All it will take is a quick setup, and your home will have never looked so good!

6. 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector

This a cool piece of kit that I couldn’t wait to take a look at. Here are my thoughts for your consid-eration so you can see what you make of it.

Covers up to 2100 square feet from just 20 feet away

The coverage may not be the largest on this list, but it offers more than enough for most displays. The great thing about this one is not so much that it offers size, but that it offers clarity and precision. That is perfect if you want your show to come to life the moment you power it on. Everything was well focused and aligned which is what these shows are all about in my opinion.

6-18 hour built-in timer is perfect for turning on during the evenings

I like the automatic timer because it makes things easy for you. By not having it on throughout the day you can save plenty of power to keep your indoor lights on! That too, is perfect, if you want to make the next white Christmas the greenest one yet! It also means you won’t be bombarded with different options and settings the moment you open the manual. Sometimes less is more as they say…

Fully weatherproof design is perfect for wind, rain, and hopefully plenty of snow!

The design integrates lots of weatherproof features like a durable casing so I thought I should draw your attention to it. That makes it an ideal candidate for use during heavy snow when you don’t want your electrical items to be damaged by water or moisture. Personally, I had no reservations about using it in any kind of adverse weather conditions. A great piece of kit for those of you that keep electrical safety at the forefront of your minds.

7. TaoTronics TT-SL002 Laser Christmas Lights

These guys have been making a real name for themselves for some time now so I thought it only fair to put them to the test. When their latest offering landed on my front porch I was buzzing with excitement…

Stylish red and green lights are the epitome of the festive spirit

Are there two colors that embody Christmas more than red and green? As long as you have these two by your side, you’ll never be short on festive cheer when the season starts. I had loads of fun mixing the colors and timing options to create a real show for my neighbors and guests. I think you will too if my experience is anything to go by!

Choose between 2, 4, 6, and 8 hour intervals to personalize your laser show

The timing intervals are well chosen and sensibly spaced out. Regardless of how long you want your light show to go on for you’ll be able to make it happen. Perfect for those of you that want to install and forget a piece of kit that lights up the holidays for all to enjoy.

Memory mode means it will save your last known settings if you have to power it off

The onboard memory is useful because it means, you never have to set it up from scratch twice. When you unplug a lot of these types of lights, they lose all of their settings. That can be very annoying because you then have to start from scratch again. Once you have everything up and running, you’ll hardly need to do it, but you may have to move it to different outlets to get the prime position. It’s instances like these where this feature entirely comes into it’s own my friends!

4900 square feet of coverage is right up there with the most powerful lights on this list

The coverage available here is impressive, to say the least. By covering almost 5000 square feet, it allows you to create shows the scope and size the like of which your neighborhood has never seen before. Perfect if you want your home to be the first one that Santa stops at this Christmas.

8. Womsky Rotating IP65 Waterproof Sparkling Landscape Projection Light

I hadn’t heard all that much about these guys so I was keen to give them a tryout. Always one to try something new, I was eager to see what it had to offer when it arrived on my front step. To say I was impressed wouldn’t do it justice…

Integrated lawn stake means this is one of the easiest to install pieces of kit on this list

For me, the integrated lawn stake is fantastic because it’s just so simple. Too often these kinds of devices either come with nothing or some fancy mounting system that’s more hassle than it’s worth. If you want something tried and trusted that you could install in 10 seconds with a gentle push, then this is it, guys. The great thing is it’s nice and low profile which means you won’t even see the hole when you take it out of your lawn in the new year.

RGB color spread allows you to choose the perfect combination to put on a show

Having all three primary colors is a super cool option because most devices skip over the need for blue light. You may not think it is as Christmasy as the other two colors, but mix it in, and you can create some amazing effects. Ideal if you want your home to really stand out from the rest of the neighborhood!

Remote control means you can change things up without having to go outside

The remote control is a nice little addition that I’m certainly a big fan of. It allows you to tweak or reset your lights without having to venture outside into the snow. Ideal if you want to stay wrapped up in the warm in front of that roaring open fire you’ve just built.

Waterproof design means this thing will keep going when we get that beautiful white Christmas

A white Christmas is the stuff of dreams isn’t it folks? We all pray for one, and yet so many of us opt for electrical items that aren’t up to scratch. This thing isn’t just waterproof; it’s weatherproof which means it can handle anything the festive season throws at it. Ideal for keeping your lights on when the snow starts to fall!

9. Tepoinn Christmas Laser Lights Waterproof Outdoor IP65 Star Projector

Another new name makes its way onto my list, and with good reason! I’ve heard plenty of good things about this setup so I was eager to try it out for myself…

Simple remote control makes things nice and easy if you want to prioritize usability

The remote control is a nice touch because it adds that element of usability that was lacking with earlier classes of lights. If you are wrapped up warm inside the last thing you want to have to do is venture out into the freezing, cold. Now, you don’t have to which is so cool! I could do everything just by standing by the window overlooking my front yard. Perfect for those of you that love to put on a show!

1-year warranty shows that they stand by their products and care about their customers

I’m a big fan of warranties because they show that a company believes in their products. After all, if they don’t trust their products to keep working, why should we buy them? The other reason a good old warranty makes me smile is it shows that the company cares about its customers. We all like to feel valued which is why I want to highlight their excellent customer service and support throughout my testing. First class work guys, well done!

Extra long cable means you’re not limited as to where you can put it

The cable is a lot longer than many you’ll find on this list which is excellent in my opinion. By being able to use it wherever you like you won’t feel like you’re limited to working near a power outlet. The extra length not only gives you the freedom to position your lights anywhere, but it’s also easily tied and tidied. Perfect for getting everything looking just so.

1600 square feet of coverage is ideal for lighting up any sized home

The coverage may not be the largest on this list by any means, but that’s ok in my book. If you want something larger, it’s clear you’ll have to keep on shopping around. If on the other hand, you want to enjoy crisp and perfectly focused lights that never blur then this is worth a second look. You’re not going to get many endorsements that are more convincing than that are you?

10. Laser Christmas Lights SUNY 3 Lens Apertures Sources Star Lights Decor Light

Rounding off the first 10 on my list is this entry from the folks over at SUNY. They know a thing or two about focusing laser light so I was intrigued to see the end result…

Multiple lenses allow you to tweak your display until it’s perfect

The complexity of the lenses blew my mind when I read about them, and I did start to have concerns. Would I need a science degree to operate this thing in a way that got the best out of it? Fortunately, my fears were well wide of the mark, and this was a super user-friendly piece of kit. Everything worked just fine straight out of the box. For an intricately designed focusing system this thing indeed was surprisingly robust and easy to optimize.

Integrated timer allows you to have it turn off in the morning to save power

The timer is a nice feature; I loved the fact that it does its thing automatically. When you only have your lights on for a few weeks a year, it can be easy to forget all of the features that they have to offer. With this one, you don’t have to worry as it basically sets itself up for you!

Covers 5000 square feet which, is ideal for even the largest homes!

5000 square feet of coverage is right up there with the very best specs on this list. And the great thing is that it does it all without sacrificing focus or brightness. A very strong candidate to light up your home this Christmas!

11. CERCHIO Xmas Lights Outdoor Christmas Projector Star Laser Motion Lights

Onto the final 5 on my list then folks! I hadn’t heard all that much about this one but when am I go-ing to get a better chance to try one out? Here’s what I thought…

Thousands of moving points for an incredible festive effect that has to be seen to be believed

The great thing is that this thing produces about 5000 moving points so that you can create a real storm of color. I like that it has so many spots without losing focus or brightness because it really brought, my home to life. I think it’s ideal for those of you that want to do the same.

Automatic light intensity control is great for optimizing your display in all conditions

The light intensity optimization is a clever feature because it responds to its environmental conditions. That means that when it suddenly gets darker, it will increase the laser brightness so that your home really stands out. Ideal if you want to put on a show that looks amazing throughout the festive period.

Integrated ground stake means you can set this thing up in a less than a minute

The ground stake was a real timesaver because it only took a few seconds to slide it into my lawn. Because of the tapered profile, it didn’t leave any holes or divots in my grassy pride and joy. If you want your garden to look amazing in the summer, and in the winter, then this is a great way to go about it.

Fully waterproof which is ideal for a white Christmas

The casing is designed in such a clever way that it doesn’t let a drop of moisture in. That may not sound like something that’s that important, but if you get a white Christmas and it all starts to melt…

See where I’m coming from folks? I’d never skimp on weatherproofing because it can save you all sorts of headaches. A highly recommended feature that I suggest you make sure is present in your final choice.

12. Srocker Garden Laser Light Christmas Projector Lights

I’ve been a fan of their products for a while now, so why not give their latest offering a tryout? Take a look at my thoughts and see for yourself whether they’ve done enough to make you a fan too…

Class II lasers provide crisp and clear visuals that will light up any home

The lasers that are employed are safe for use around young children which is essential. The great thing is that they have achieved this standard of safety without producing something so dull that you can barely see it. Every dot is brilliantly illuminated and sure to add to the sense of festive cheer.

Durable plastic construction is designed for extended use in all weathers

The plastic casing is drop proof and weatherproof which is ideal for extended outdoor use. If you want something that you can rely on year after year, then this should be a strong candidate to make it onto your shortlist. Give the rest of my review a read and then come back or a closer look.

Remote control is ideal if you want to change your display while sitting by the fire

I love that this thing comes with a remote control because it is guaranteed to make your life easier. No matter how much you like the snow, going outside to switch your lights on will lose its novelty after a few days. Being able to do it without getting off the couch is like Christmas come early!

3-meter long cable means that you’re not limited to setting it up near a power outlet

The power cable is 3 meters long which is an excellent length for one key reason: flexibility. No matter where you want to use it, it should be able to reach a power outlet. That makes it a smart choice for those of you who don’t want to run extension cables across your yard all Christmas.

13. Laser Christmas Lights, Laser Christmas Projector Lights

We’re into the final three then folks! Let’s see whether I’ve left the best ones till last shall we?

Even projects stars rather than simple dots: now that’s what you call festive!

I loved that as well as the classic dots, and it can produce brilliantly twinkling stars. That enables you to add lots of character and fun to your laser light display with the click of a button. Perfect if you want your home to win the annual neighborhood contest!

Plug and play installation beats climbing up a ladder for an hour!

The installation can genuinely be described as ‘plug and play’ which is a real accolade if you’ve read any of my articles before. For me, plug and play is a shorthand for saying that no matter how complex the tech, you can use it straight out of the box. If you’d rather do this than be up a ladder trying to hang lights for an hour, then I think you should take a closer look.

Weatherproof design is super reliable and durable

The weatherproof design features are too numerous to list exhaustively so just take it from me that they have everything covered. At one point mine was completely submerged in the snow; when I dug it out, it worked as good as new. Now if that isn’t credit to the design team, then I don’t know what is!

3200 square feet of coverage means this light more than holds its own on my list

The coverage was indeed competitive, but what sets it apart is the brightness and clarity of each, individual dot. There’s no real point in having a light show over a considerable area if it’s dull and out of focus. That certainly won’t win you any accolades from the neighbors now, will it? If you want to be able to draw in the eyes of passers-by from miles around, then this is a light projector that will certainly help you do that. Highly recommended from a geek that loves all things festive!

Best Christmas Laser Light for Both Outdoor & Indoor Use

14. Poeland Christmas Laser Light Moving Firefly Outdoor Projector

The penultimate entry on my list of 15 of the best has been making a big name for itself recently. Let’s take a look and see if it was hype, or there was substance to back up the rave reviews.

3900 square feet of coverage is impressive, but does it sacrifice brightness to achieve it?

The brightness was indeed not an issue in my experience; you can trust me on that one, my friends! The secret is the lenses that are used are wide angle. That allows the laser beams to be spread over a wide area with optimal efficiency. Plus, in turn, preserves the brightness of each, individual spot. Nice bit of science for all you geeks out there who love it as much as I do!

Less than five mW of power means this is one of the safest lasers on the market

Five mW isn’t much power at all when it’s diffusely spread over such a large area. This makes it the ideal choice of laser if you want something you can guarantee will be safe around your little people. I for one found this really reassuring because it meant I didn’t have to forensically, read the manual to check the safety options.

Aluminum body is built to last, but did it make it too heavy, to install easily?

The great thing about Aluminum is that it is super durable and lightweight at the same time. That means it’s an excellent choice for an all-weather light you can use in any conditions. The installation was easy, and you could easily do it in a minute or two by yourself. It’s perfect if you want to surprise the family with your latest festive light show!

Comes with a power adaptor and chord as standard which is a nice touch

The final thing I want to say is that it’s nice to see a product ship with everything it needs. There are too many times to recall that I’ve had to drive out on Christmas Eve to get chords and batteries. This thing comes with a great little cable that’s more than long enough for almost any position outdoors. Excellent news if you want your new purchase to come hassle-free.

15. StarTastic Holiday Light Show Static Laser Light Projector

Here we are then folks, the final entry on my list has arrived. Just remember, there’s no rankings here so it’s perfectly possible I’ve left your perfect match till last.

Claims it can be set up within 30 seconds but is that a realistic timeframe?

The setup time isn’t ambitious in the slightest. You just literally stick it in the ground, plug it in, and then power it on. If I can manage to keep my excitement under control long enough to get it done then so can you…no problem!

4000 square feet of coverage is very impressive, but how was the brightness and clarity?

The brightness was excellent, and that’s in large part due to the efficiency of the focusing system. This then has the added bonus of not reducing the clarity or focus of the lights. You will find these types of downsides in inferior products that waste a lot of laser light. Then they have to turn the initial power right up to compensate which causes a blurry image. No such issues here though folks!

Produces red and green light so that you can mix things up and put on a real show

I love that you get both of the seasonal colors from one unit. That makes it super easy to light up the outside of your home in just a couple of minutes. Perfect for getting the whole neighborhood in the mood for the festive period!

A safe power rating of less than five mW makes this ideal for use around little ones

The power rating is nice and low which I anyone would like. Not only does it make this a safe and reliable device to use around the kids, but it’ll also use barely any power. I think it’s perfect for those of you that want to turn on the style at Christmas, and still have plenty of money left for food and presents!