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10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids to Keep Your Children Safe

As parents, we always take comfort from knowing precisely where our children are at all times. We can drop them off at school with the assumption that they are safe. But what happens if they choose to leave during a lunch break, or if they have to find their own way home? Also, how certain are you about the whereabouts of your children over the weekends, or when they head over to a friend’s house. We can’t keep a physical watch over our children at all times, especially as they get older. So what can we do to improve our peace of mind and keep track over their activities?

The best approach for many parents is to turn to some form of GPS tracking system. These products come in lots of different forms and work to keep track of children wherever they are. The GPS systems offer a tracker that – in the best models – provides a real-time idea of precisely where a subject is. Trackers are often used for the most vulnerable members of the family – such as elderly parents and pets. So, why not find a kid-friendly version for our children?

Do You Really Need a GPS Tracker for Your Kid?

The most obvious benefit here is the idea that we have a better idea of the location of our children. The tracking software ensures that kids are where we expect them to be. At the same time, alerts can warn parents when children stray beyond a designated boundary. These systems aren’t always one-way systems. Many of the devices are purely there to track movement.

But, there are also some great watches and smart devices where kids can use SOS buttons and call or messaging systems to communicate with parents. The right device could make kids feel like they have the independence to head out on their own with supervision. It all depends on which model you choose, which is why is it important to consider the specification and features of the different styles.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Model

First of all, you need to consider which type of device you want for your children. If you choose a wearable watch, think about the fit, the design and the different apps that are available. The watch needs to be fun and attractive enough for kids to want to wear it, but also simple enough for them to use. If a watch seems like it is far too complicated for kids – especially for younger ones – it might be better to have a one-way system to put in a bag or pocket. In this situation, look at the range and quality of the connections, as well as the build quality. Then there are the products with loops and tags that can be used on bags and pendants. There are lots of choices out there.

In the following guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of a series of the best GPS trackers for kids. The first section looks at a series of those wearable watches. The products are varied in design, brand and purpose. From there, we will look at some of those products that go into pockets and bags. There are different designs and features here too. Then there are a few additional products with a different purpose, to help you see the breadth of products on the market. Following these Amazon reviews of different products, we will also discuss a few of the weirder designs that are hitting the market in 2019. By the end, you should have a better idea of some of the options available and which type of kid’s GPS system is right for your child.

Best Wearable Watches for Tracking the Movement of Children

Wearable watches are one of the best options around when it comes to the best GPS trackers for kids. These products should offer all the right tracking and communication software, while also being fun for the child. There are lots of different brands out there with their own ideas on what makes a GPS kids watch ideal for both parent and child. The best tend to have a bright, comfortable strap, simple digital tools and plenty to play with. Here are some of the leading products that have the best features and user reviews.

1) SZBXD Kids Smart Watch Phone

This is a smartwatch phone with a GPS tracker. The screen tries to mimic some of the approaches of a more adult smartphone in the messaging and other commands – just with a more cartoonish avatar and brighter colors. The watch comes with a series of extra features other than the locators. This includes the one-touch SOS service, the two-way messaging system and the camera. The idea here is that this is a product for different situations.


  •  kids love the way that this mimics a smartwatch
  •  a reliable service with the right SIM and service plan
  •  Easy enough to set up and use – as long as kids aren’t too young


  •  pink and blue for girls or boys
  •  not compatible with all services.

There is the sense that this watch is a bit of a love it or hate it product. There are some reviews from users that are glowing because both parent and child love the functionality and style of the watch. There are kids aged around 6-8 that are gaining independence that love the messaging system and the look of the watch. Parents appreciate the quality and accuracy of the tracker and many had no issues setting this up.

Before we look at any of the disadvantages in the tech, we have to point out that the separation of girls and boys watches with either pink or blue colors is very out-dated. Aside from this, the biggest issue is with the service. There are parents that couldn’t use the SIM card purchased, while others struggled with the 2G service in their area. This is why there is such a contrast in the reviews. While some love this product and have no issue, others say it is useless without a strong service.

Is it recommendable?

If you can get this device with the right SIM and a good service, there is no reason why it should be a helpful tool. The color options are a miss-step, but the rest of the design and kid-friendly apps are great.

2) OJOY A1 Kids Smart Watch

This watch doesn’t offer any more choice when it comes to color, as there is either a blue or a purple option. However, there is a lot of choice for kids and parents when it comes to the features and the apps that are on offer here. This GPS watch works on 4G and 3G, as well as the GSM network, to provide kids with a child-friendly iOS or Android device. There is a lot here to keep kids entertained and some impressive tech that brings this in-line with other high-end tech.


  •  The great apps that can actually help kids day-to-day
  •  Little details in the design and build
  •  Simple communication services


  •  built for older children
  •  some technical glitches and odd omissions

One of the most appealing things about this smartwatch is that it is a child-focused tool that happens to have a GPS tracker onboard. Kids will get a lot more out of the activity trackers, school calendar app and the camera. Still, there is the addition of the strong 800mAh battery, the two-way communication and the reliable GPS for parents. The watch is also waterproof, which is reassuring for kids that go out to play in all weathers.

There are some downsides to this system that need to be taken into consideration. There are some buyers that have experienced glitches with the tech and noticed that they can’t display an analog clock or a Fahrenheit temperature. Another points out that the “text” system is tailored more towards emojis than words. Finally, there have been complaints that the product is too thick and heavy for a child’s wrist. The recommended age here is 5-10, and perhaps better off at the higher end.

Is it recommendable?

This is a great watch that has to potential to give 8-10-year-olds a taster of what it is like to have such a smartwatch of their own. There are lots of fun apps here, but the basic functions could be a little better in some cases. Parents that can configure the watch to the ideal setting will have few issues here.

3) iCooLive Kids Smart Watch Phone

There is the risk with some of these watches that the kids might end up having far too much far with the device and then risk disrupting classes at school. On first impressions, this model looks like one of those sorts of watches. There is a fun interface with 7 different apps to choose from. This includes the phone, chat service, camera, SOS button, pedometer, and games. However, there is also a Do Not Disturb function within this watch. This means that parents can deactivate the fun features during school hours.


  •  there are lots of fun apps with cute designs
  •  there is a lot to entertain kids, while also keeping parents happy
  •  the use of the Do Not Disturb feature


  •  it is new and untested
  •  some issues with the specification

Each app has a cute design that is highly engaging for this 4-12 age range. To be honest, the cute puppies and over-the-top design may be too much for anyone over the age of 10. There is plenty of play with, but also a reliable connection with the phone, SOS ad GPS tracker. The designers have also made sure to make this tough and waterproof for regular play.

It is important to remember here that this product is new and hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet. It is sold as the ideal 2019 model as a holiday gift. This suggests that it was always meant to be more of a fun item for kids than a legitimate tracking tool. Be prepared for these issues with the apps along the way and some limitations in some of the functions.

Also, note the specification isn’t close to some of the imitation smartwatches around. For example, the camera only supports 300,000 megapixels. There is also the warning that this product doesn’t come with a SIM – despite the logo on the sales photos – and isn’t supported by all major service providers.

Is it recommendable?

It all depends on just how much you want the specific features and the Do Not Disturb feature. It also depends on how much kids love the design and apps. There is potential here, but be prepared for some service issues and tech bugs.

4) Wonbo Kids SmartWatch

There are lots of smartwatches with GPS trackers that are quite childish. There are some questions about the intended age range of some of the products above. The cute looks and interfaces don’t always work with the tech offered. Older kids want something to looks like the real thing. That is why this Wonbo option is so appealing. The screen of the watch is simple with the black background, the time and the status of the signal and battery. The strap is also slimmer and more stylish with lots of color choices for the silicone.


  •  the more stylish look to the screen and strap
  •  lots of helpful apps and features for parents
  •  a good connection with the right service


  •  not as many helpful apps and features for the kids
  •  some confusion getting it set up.

This watch doesn’t have the same fun apps as the products above, there is a greater focus on tracking and communication. The appeal here depends on the user. Kids that want a smartwatch that is basically a simple phone will like the service of this phone watch, but there are no games and fewer additional features. The apps and tech that is onboard are more tailored to the needs of the parent. There is the tracker, and this is accompanied by the geofencing system, take-off alarm and the strong connections. There is also a pedometer and sleep monitor to help check a child’s health.

One thing that confused parents with this watch is that you need to download an app to set everything up correctly. This meant that some struggled to get up and running. However, users are still impressed with the reliability of the watch and its durability. Kids can wear this all the time because the silicone is tough, waterproof and easy to clean.

Is it recommendable?

It depends on the reason for buying the watch. There are some people that will love this watch because it is more focused on safety and communication, rather than acting as a fun toy. But, others may question the appeal for children. Is there enough here, beyond the look, to make them want to wear it?

Non-Wearable GPS Trackers for Children

Wearable watches aren’t always practical for all children. Some kids may damage the watches, lose them or simply find that they are too complicated. There is an upper and lower age limit on these items. Too young and they won’t be able to operate all the tech. Too old and they won’t want to wear these childish designs. An alternative is to find a product that slips into the pocket or the bag of a child. These devices don’t have to be pretty. Instead, they just need to be reliable and easy to use.

5) Samsung SmartThings Tracker

The first of this product is the most basic when it comes to the design and functionality. There are lots of devices that are built purely for tracking and can be kept in a bag or pocket. This model will stand out to users because of the Samsung name and the promises about the tracking software. The main purpose here is that parents can set tracker to follow the movement of the child and alerts for when they leave zones.


  •  The quality of the tracking software
  •  the long battery life
  •  the strap for added security


  •  no two-way communication system.
  •  some glitches with the Android version of the app

There are some nice details in the design of this little device. The smart things app has the potential to provide up-to-date information on location, there is a battery life of around 10 days and the product is also certified as IP68 water resistant. Another interesting feature here is the addition of the cord on the corner. This looks like a wrist strap, but could actually prove useful for tying the product to bags and coats.

The first downside of a product like this is that the system is pretty one-sided. There is enough in the specification of the device to help parents see what their child is up to and get some good reports. However, there is nothing here for children that may want to contact parents. There isn’t the same form of two-way communication as some of the smartwatches above. In addition to this, some parents say that they have had problems with the notifications on the Android system.

Is it recommendable?

This system is a great choice for iOS users that want clear, reliable tracking data on their child – and little else. This isn’t feature-rich in terms of software, but it does have great hardware and a nice design.

6) KUPPET Hot Mini Smart Finder

This next option takes the idea of a smart finder for an object and expands the idea to locating children. The basic idea here is that you attach the smart finder to “any item of choice” with either the key ring feature or the adhesive tape. The device links to a smartphone to create a signal between the two as needed. It is mainly designed for lost items. However, you can attach this the keyring of a child or put it on their school bag.


  •  the simplicity of the setup
  •  the tracking apps
  •  the design of the device


  •  a lack of specific features for kids
  •  the sound of the beeping

There is some appeal in the simplicity of the approach. A simple connection between the phone and device provides a clear indication of its whereabouts. It isn’t as constant and intrusive as some GPS trackers The iSearching or iTracing apps can also record the last known location of the device in case of a disconnection. It doesn’t hurt that this is also a good looking blue device that is easy to set up, simple approach.

The main question here is whether this is really as functional for kids as claimed? There is one purpose here – to locate the position of a child. There isn’t much else in the way of safety features and nothing that sets this apart from other “object” locators. There is also the fact that the phone will make a horrible beeping sound when the device is found.

Is it recommendable?

This depends on the needs and opinion of the parent. It is easy to criticize this approach and say that the brand needs to diversify products further. But, some parents will like the simple approach if it offers children a little more freedom. It certainly isn’t as complex as some other products.

7) Yepzon GPS Tracker

The next option is another little trackable device that provides updates on the location of the user. The reason that we have included this version in this guide is that while there are some clear downsides to its operation, there are also some benefits in its intentions. The idea here is that the Yepzon tracks the location of a target every 10 seconds for a real-time stream of information. It can be in a kid’s bag and provide regular updates.


  •  the easy-to-use app
  •  the ability to connect multiple devices
  •  the size of the device


  •  the poor battery life on the best setting
  •  the data costs.

There is potential here because the system has an easy-to-use app that anyone can use. There is no lengthy registration process and the commands are pretty simple. One of the most appealing aspects of this design is the fact that you can add as many devices to one system as needed. Therefore, you could give a device to each child and follow them on the same system. The devices themselves work on 2G and are shockproof and water resistant.

Unfortunately, there is a major flaw here. This approach of a steady stream every 10 seconds is the top setting. It requires a lot of data and battery power in order for it to be reliable. The problem here is that the system can lose power very quickly and the data gets quite expensive. The simple device suddenly becomes costly and unreliable. As soon as that battery dies it has no worth.

Is it recommendable?

There is definite room for improvement with this device. At the moment, the issues with the battery and data costs are a big problem. Users that can handle a different service can improve the function of the device. The deal breaker could be that option for multiple devices.

8) GEGO Luggage Car Kids GPS Tracker

You could argue that this next product isn’t a kids GPS tracker at all. However, there are aspects to this product that means that it is ideal for parents that want a simple, cheaper option. This device was made to be used as a tracker for luggage more than anything else. It attaches to a case and users can keep track of its location while traveling. However, the size and the connections mean that this should also work for kid’s bags and in their pockets.


  •  the way that it attaches to different bags and cases for easy tracking
  •  the strong 3G connection
  •  the cheaper plans


  •  the smaller size
  •  connection issues over long distances.

There are some great features and technical specs with this product. The tracker links up to a 3G network and uses either an iOS or Android app to help users located the target in question. Another clear benefit to this model over some of the others in this guide is the cost. Some watches and trackers can have expensive coverage plans. Here the first 30 days are free – which is ideal for a test run – and the basic package is just $6.33/Month with free cancellations and no contracts.

One of the selling points with this model is the idea that it is so easy to hide this device. Thieves shouldn’t be able to locate it on a suitcase and it doesn’t add any weight. This means that it shouldn’t get in a kid’s way. The credit card size means that the device can slip into all kinds of pockets. But, is there a chance that it might get lost. There have been some poor reviews about the tracker on long-range journeys, but this shouldn’t affect parents and kids in a small neighborhood.

Is it recommendable?

Again, it all depends on what you plan to get out of the product. If you are after something that provides a strong connection and location tracker – with a more affordable plan – this could be a good choice. Otherwise, it might be too targeted to the travel market.

Alternative options that are on the market.

There are some companies that try to do things a little differently. Some take the idea of a wearable device to another level. There are a couple of wearable devices here that blend the concepts of the watch and the small devices for pockets. There are some small pendants and little trackers that aren’t are intrusive as a watch, but also not as easily lost as a small tracker in a pocket. These options may not be as appealing or practical as some of the devices above. However, they are worth a look to understand some of the alternative designs that are around.

9) Sonew Pendent A9 Locator For Kids

This pendant is an interesting idea that takes the idea of a wearable device and blends it with some of the more simplistic tags that we can use to track kids in bags and pockets. The device is tiny compared to most products. Yet, it still offered a strong GPS connection between users and a few helpful features. Kids can wear it around their necks as parents set up Geofences. Therefore, kids shouldn’t be able to stray too far without alerting their parents.


  •  The small size of the device
  •  The quality of security tools for parents
  •  The simplistic approach to child safety


  •  The fact that many kids won’t appreciate a tracking necklace
  •  Not many extra features

The benefits of this product all come from the great tracking software. In addition to that Geofencing and the alerts, parents can also use the history track feature to check the route of the tracker in any given distance or location within three months. There is also the SOS feature that will be familiar after all the wearable watches mentioned above. There is some great potential with the quality of the tech involved here and the connections made. The voice monitoring could also be helpful in times of an emergency.

The downside here is that necklace design. While the brand promotes the idea of a “delicate and compact” system, it might not suit everyone. The color and finish on the front of the pendant are nice. It also fits on a chain nicely. But, there is no getting away from the fact that children obviously have an electronic device around their necks. This could raise questions from other kids. Is it a fashion item, or is it more like putting a tag around the neck of a dog?

Is it recommendable?

It all depends on your views on this approach to wearable tech. If you – and more importantly your child – like this idea of a wearable tracking necklace, there is little to worry about. It is functional and well designed. But, don’t be surprised if some kids object to this premise.

10) Relay Screen-Free Tracker For Kids

This interesting device is a screen-free device that provides a basic communication system for kids and simple GPS tracking for parents. This water-resistant tool has a one-touch communication system with 4G LTE network and WiFi connections. Kids press the button in the middle of the Relay to connect with the chosen device – typically a parent’s smartphone. They record their message and this is sent to the parent’s app like a voicemail.


  •  The simple one-way communication system for kids
  •  The easy-to-use controls
  •  The extra features to make it more fun


  •  not the cheapest service around
  •  some issues with the notifications

The appeal of this device is that this screen-free, compact device is as portable as the other devices for bags, but has so many more features for kids. In addition to the communication system, there is also the chance to create chat channels. This turns the system into more of a walkie-talkie with the chance to talk with friends. There is also a voice change, language translator and some music playlists.

The biggest issues that parents have faced comes with the app on some service. There are some that find that their phone doesn’t provide notifications that their child is contacting them unless the phone is unlocked with the app open. Others find they have to keep refreshing to be certain. This means that the main purpose of this device is flawed in some cases.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here may depend on the parent’s phone. There are some cases where this screen-free approach turns out to be the ideal compromise and a great communication system. Yet, too many other users struggle with the app.

And 3 More Options For You to Consider (not available in US)

It seems that there are now lots of brands that really trying to tap into this market with weird and wonderful ideas. There are lots of wearable watches that are pretty similar in their purpose and design. There is also only so much that you can do with some of the devices left in kids’ pockets. The necklace and some of the bands may be a step in the wrong direction. Other companies, such as those below are working to create interesting alternatives. Some of the following aren’t currently available for sale in the US, and some don’t use GPS. But, we thought they were worth some attention because of their design and interesting niche market.

The Omate Nanoblock Watch

This is a wearable GPS tracker that kids are going to love. The Omate team have brought in the designers at Japanese toymaker Diablock to add Nanoblocks to a watch. The idea here is that kids can take these fun little blocks and use them to build the strap into cool, crazy designs. It is the ultimate in customization and something completely unique. While the brand would prefer that you don’t call this a LEGO watch – because of its different blocks and a different company – the look and approach are pretty much the same. We assume that beneath all these blocks, there is also a functional, interesting tracking device.

The FlashMe Sydney Band

This band takes the idea of wearable child safety devices and takes it in an entirely different direction. The design and build of this band are as simple as they come. There is a colorful silicone wristband that is water-resistant for use at the beach or in the pool. The band contains a QR code with contact details of their parent. If the child is lost, rescuers can scan the code and immediately access the number of their parent. This should save on time and stress. Critics question the security issues if strangers come up to the children. Still, this is an idea with potential.

My Buddy Tag

This is another simple, colorful silicone device. This time there is a panic alarm within the band that sends a signal to the parent’s device. It is basically the SOS function of the watches and tags above, with none of the extra features. This simple device is great for kids that get lost on holiday. The reason we couldn’t include this in the top 10 above is that it uses Bluetooth not GPS. This may affect the signal long-range, but it does lower the cost.

So, what have we learned about the best GPS tracking devices for kids?

There really are two main categories here for you to choose from. There are some great wearable watches out there with plenty of designs that cater to children of all ages. There are some that are a little over-the-top and cute that might encourage younger kids to wear a device. Then there are the more stylish options for older kids. Make sure to look at the specifications carefully to see what apps and features are included.

As we have seen, some of these watches are a little too focused on fun and some are entirely driven towards parent supervision. The niche bands have their place but aren’t the most reliable trackers. The pendant may be a step too far. Ideally, you want a watch that has just enough appeal for parent and child alike.

Then there are the devices to put in the pocket of the child, or within their bag. There are some nice devices here that can offer a good signal and tracking software. Some are reliable enough for most parents and don’t interfere with the child’s activities in any way – unlike some watches.

However, you need to be careful that the device is secure enough for the purpose. We feel that the watches are a better bet for children because they are more secure and have features that both parties can appreciate. These devices are typically better suited for surveillance and for elderly relatives.

Choose the best product for your child’s age and taste, but also for your needs as a parent

The final choice in a product has to come down to you as the parent. While some products may get rave reviews for their connections or design, they might not suit your personal needs in other ways. Make sure that the tracking software has the range and connections for a reliable result in your area. Make sure that if you have a watch, your child likes the design and wants to wear it.

Also, make sure that the apps and features are age appropriate. Once you narrow down your criteria and you can find a suitable solution. The 10 products here are great options, but they are ultimately here to guide you. Find something you and your child can agree on and make the most of its features. Soon enough, you should find that you have a better sense of your child’s activities and increased peace of mind.